Seven Dead in San Francisco Area with No Suspect

Staff Writer: Mackenzie Rich


In the 1960s to the 1970s, a string of murders occurred in Northern California. These murders often included couples that were together in secluded areas, a place with no witnesses. No single person was ever charged nor accused of these murders. However, someone did come out and take credit for these murders.

zodiac doll

Picture credits to StMU History Media.

This man would come out to be the Zodiac Killer. His case continues to be one of America’s most fascinating unsolved crimes to this day.


The Zodiac Killer’s first victims were teenage couple David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. This incident occurred on December 20, 1968.  They were killed by being shot to death by the Zodiac Killer, however at the time it was unknown.

zodiac couple

Picture credits to Zodiac Killer Facts. Pictured, David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen


About six months after the first confirmed murders, on July 5, 1969, young couple Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau had been residing in a parked car when a man with a flashlight approached the two. They had believed he was a police officer, so they reached for their ID’s. The flashlight had prevented them from capturing a glimpse at his face. To the couple’s shock, the figure had pulled out a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and shot at them. Ferrin was shot and killed, and Mageau was critically injured. The shooting of this couple, as well as Faraday and Jensen, both occurred in empty areas to allow the killer to get away without any attention being brought to him.

Only 45 minutes after this attack, a man called the police to take credit for it and the previous murders of Jensen and Faraday. He proved himself by naming the weapon used. This man, of course, was the Zodiac Killer.

Woodstock senior Mahin Olive commented on the killer’s actions by saying, “It is highly disturbing that this man had committed these crimes, and then proceeded to take the credit, almost as if he was bragging or proud of his murders.”

The killer would go on to kill at least two others, and again, take the credit. He had also taken the life of Paul Stine, Robert Domingos, Linda Edwards, and Cheri Jo Bates. He was given the name “Zodiac Killer” when he would send letters with cryptic symbols that would be deciphered to spell out “Zodiac Killer”. So, the killer named himself. The motives of his crimes are still uncertain.

After questioning Mady Stinnett on what she thought the killer’s motives were, she described that “this man wanted to create a name for himself, while still remaining undercover. He probably liked to see his actions brought up in the news and the fame it brought him.”

zodiac suspect

Picture credits to SFWeekly

Since there has never been a confirmed suspect for who the Zodiac Killer is, this case remains open today. A man named Arthur Leigh Allen had been the prime suspect for the case, but he was cleared through DNA tests. Carter Reed of Woodstock High states that “maybe with today’s DNA advancements the killer could be caught, if he is still alive. If someone is caught and charged, this will bring a sense of peace to the families of the victims.” So, maybe one day a real face will be put to the name of “Zodiac Killer”, ending this mystery for once and for all.

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