The Loaf: Week 4 College Football Picks

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown

Welcome back to The Loaf!! It’s hard to believe we’re already at the quarter pole of the season. It always goes so, so fast. Anyway, we’re back at it after a mediocre 3-3 Week 3. We just lost because of the hooks with Virginia (-7.5) and Florida (-8.5), and I also got it wrong with Oklahoma-UCLA (OVER 69). But I did stay perfect with underdogs with Iowa State (+2), and my unofficial team of The Loaf, Louisville, got me another dub with Louisville (-9.5). I also got Oklahoma (-23).

Last week’s slate of games was…really bad. That’s not the case this week. This week’s slate has tons of ranked vs ranked games, including a top ten matchup in Athens between the Dawgs and the Irish. I’ve got 6 plays this week, including some marquee matchups, as well as an under in the THIRTIES (!!!). Here we go:

First up is #13 Wisconsin (-3.5) vs #11 Michigan. I know, I know. I picked the Wolverines to make the ‘yoffs. That was my bad. They are still the same old Michigan, and I won’t be making that mistake again (unless they win this game, in which case I’m fully back on board, lol). But I don’t think they will. Like I said, it’s the same old Michigan. They look inept and boring and miserable and everything in between offensively. It’s hard to watch. They got outplayed by Army in the Big House and very nearly lost. I just don’t know why they won’t open up their offense more! It’s actually kinda frustrating. And on the flip side, Wisconsin is really good. The Badgers have been going up against what is, albeit, lower competition, but they have been obliterating everything in their path, and look prime for a run at the Playoff. With the Badgers playing like the much better team, and getting this one at home, I think they win going away in the 4th. Or at least by a touchdown. Wisconsin 31, Michigan 17


Jonathan Taylor is going to have to have a big game against the Wolverines if Wisconsin wants to come out with a win, and I think he will. Photo Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I probably wouldn’t take #22 Washington (-6.5) @ BYU if it were any bigger than it is, but I can comfortably say Washington is at least a touchdown better than BYU. For starters, Washington is still really good. We can’t let the Cal loss lead us to believe otherwise because the Huskies are still a really good team. Jacob Eason is a baller, and he’s going to be airing it out in this game. Also, you have to think BYU’s magic runs out at some point. They pulled out a miracle in Knoxville, and then somehow managed to win that game against USC last week. And Washington is a lot better than both of those teams. I don’t think BYU keeps this one extremely close. Washington 35, BYU 21


It’s so great to finally see Jacob Eason playing for Udub after all this time. Photo Credit: The Seattle Times

We look to continue our underdog perfection with Kansas (+4.5) vs West Virginia. Boy oh boy, this is the second time I’ve taken Kansas in the first four weeks of the season. LES MILES, BABY. The Jayhawks are….not horrible? I honestly don’t know. These same Jayhawks that lost to Coastal Carolina two weeks ago went to Chestnut Hill last week and ran Boston College out of its own stadium. So I’m now going to ere on the side of “maybe they’re alright.” Plus, West Virginia is obviously in a rebuilding phase. They, too, though, had a great week last week, defeating NC State. Oh, ACC. How I love thee. But here’s the thing. Both of these teams are bad, and both are coming off big wins. And you’re gonna give Les Miles and the home team more than a field goal? I’ll take them 10 times outta 10. Jayhawks. Kansas 20, West Virginia 17


I still don’t know what to think about Kansas. But they sure are fun to watch! Photo Credit: The Kansas City Star

#19 Washington State (-18.5) vs UCLA. I’ve become a full-time member of the fade-UCLA club, and I will remain one until Chip Kelly is fired. The Bruins are so bad, and an easy fade play every single week. They head to Pullman this week, where Mike Leach and the Cougars will be waiting. There’s not much more to say about this one. UCLA is awful, and Washington State is going to beat them by at least three scores. Washington State 42, UCLA 21


I really want to take that class Mike Leach is teaching at Washington State. It looks so fun. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

               This next pick is, quite frankly, the lock of the century. Give me #3 Georgia (-13.5) vs #7 Notre Dame. C’mon now. Georgia is so much better than Notre Dame. So much better. And everything points to Georgia in this game. Like I said, Georgia is so good. And Notre Dame is so overrated. It’s a night game. Saturday night in Athens. They’ve been talking a lot about this game down here too. It means so much to these people. And they’re confident. To me, it kind of feels a lot similar to the Alabama-Georgia game in 2008, except it’s gonna go the complete opposite way. Georgia 45, Notre Dame 17


If Georgia can get Drob going?? Oh boy, it’d be over for anyone not named LSU or Clemson. Photo Credit: Macon Telegraph

Next up is Michigan State @ Northwestern (UNDER 38.5), and how can I not pick this? This is just too easy. First of all, it’s a total in the 30s so taking the under is just fun. Second, it’s Michigan State and Northwestern playing at noon; two teams who don’t have a clue how to effectively move the ball, and two teams whose defense are pretty good. It’s’ just one of those gross noon B1G games, and I’m really excited for it. The punters are going to be the MVPs of this game. Or at least I hope so. #ForTheBrand Michigan State 17, Northwestern 14


Scary fact: As ugly as these Michigan State uniforms are, their offense is even uglier. Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s The Loaf! Enjoy your college football Saturday!!

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