Talent Found at Woodstock High School!

Staff Writer: Adam Burns

I had an amazing opportunity to interview a Woodstock High School senior, Billy Goddard, who has some unbelievable talent that will be taking him to some new places. Billy has decided to take his skill to college with him at Georgia College and State University (GCSU). The coach seemed to be thrilled to have him on his team, knowing he would be a key factor to the team’s success

adam 1

Billy Goddard’s commitment photo, Photo Credits to Steve Kibare

, “I picked Georgia College over other options because it just felt like home. There were a few other schools I was interested in, but Georgia College was just the obvious choice for me.” There are so many junior golfers out there that college coaches must scout for and make careful decisions, that is why this is such an incredible feat to have someone at our own school be that talented. That being said, to qualify to make it to that high of a level, there is obviously something that makes you better than others and makes you stand out. And so I asked him, what makes you better than others who can’t make it to your level? “I was blessed with the opportunity to play college golf because of years of hard work and dedication. God gifted me with a talent to play golf and never let it go to waste. As far as comparing myself to the competition, I feel like no one outworks me and I have a great mental game on the course which gives me a huge advantage in the field.”

As much as people feel golf is a close to dead sport, it is just as competitive as all the others. It still takes the time and dedication to make it far just as it would in basketball or football. And like Mr. Goddard was saying, what makes him better than a lot of the field is the amount of time he has put into this sport. He started in his backyard when he was 3 years old with a little plastic golf club.

two ppl

Billy as a young aspiring junior with his little sister Caroline. Photo Credits to Mark Goddard.

“I used to see my mom and dad go play all the time and I would always want to go with them. My dad began taking me with them and I’ve played and loved it ever since.”

“Growing up, I always idolized Tiger Woods. I remember he used to win every other week on tour. I used to love watching him play on TV because of how popular he was and the amount of talent he brought to the table. Even today, Tiger is a huge inspiration to me.”

Many of these golfers trying to make it big, always have had someone to look up to. As for Billy, it was Tiger Woods his whole life. For those who don’t know, Tiger is one world’s most renowned athletes, for his comprehensive skill for the game of golf. Looking up to someone as great as him, is very well one of the most inspiring aspirations. Mr. Goddard had been telling me that people like himself will most likely have the dream of going professional.

Adam 3

Billy (left) taking a college visit with two of his future college teammates, Harrison Smith (middle) and Steve Kibare (right) Photo Credits: Jennifer Goddard.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to be a professional golfer one day. If I ever get that opportunity my first move is going to be to jump on it. If that doesn’t work out, I would love to become a golf instructor and teach others the great game of golf.”

With all the adult thing aside such as college, Billy is still a high school student. A senior. His last year. Knowing that, he is wanting to really make something happen this year. Involved with the Varsity Golf Team, Billy has been a Top 3 player all 4 years of his high school career. This year he is looking for something to change.

“This year our high school team is looking spectacular. We have all 6 returning starters, though we had a disappointing finish last year at our state tournament, we plan on finishing much better this year. While I’m still in high school, I’m not so focused on college golf as much as I am my high school team. We have big aspirations this year and plan to attack on those.”

Billy is a pure example of hidden talents in the world. Everyone starts out somewhere, and they don’t have to be born into it to be the best. Billy was just an ordinary high school student who loved to compete in golf tournaments, and now he has blown up and going to take his talents to GCSU. I was very excited to have this opportunity to find out some more intel on one of our fellow wolverines, Mr. Billy Goddard.

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