Being a Good Friend

Staff Writer: Abigail Hopton

Being a good friend sounds easy and natural to most people, but it actually can be quite hard sometimes – even with the best of intentions. Friends are an important support system for everyone, and it is essential that you cultivate the relationships you have with those you care about.

For high school students, maintaining friendships can be difficult with all the homework and extracurricular we must do. Often, friends will drift apart after a while. This is normal and can be because you have different interests now or you just never hang out anymore. If you do not want to drift apart from friends, you might have to make a conscious effort to do so.

Holding Hands Picture

Friends holding hands. Photo courtesy: Pexels

There are multiple different ways to be a good friend, just like there are multiple different ways to define what friendship is. Chris Sayles, senior, says that, “A person who is there for you before you need them to be there for you is a good friend.” Always make sure to watch out for your friends and make sure they are doing well. If they have been distant lately, ask them if anything is going on instead of assuming they are simply mad at you.

Friends Jumping

Friends jumping into the air together. Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Some people define a good friend as someone that always is there to cheer you up and make you laugh. Kylee Jones, senior, states that, “A good friend will help you when you fall; a best friend will laugh in your face.” Try and not take things too seriously and just go with the flow of things. Close friends usually will playfully make fun of each other, but make sure not to cross any lines. Ask your friends if there is anything about them that they do not want you laughing about or bringing attention to.


Friends posing for a picture. Photo courtesy: Unsplash

If your friends confide in you, make sure to keep their secrets (within reason). Do not tell just one other friend what they said because they will likely do that same and so on, thus it will no longer be a secret. Once you lose somebody’s trust, it is very hard to earn that back. Savannah Allen, senior, says that, “Good friends often hold the burden of their friends’ troubles on their shoulders.” Listen to your friends when they talk about their problems and provide them with the support they need.

Being a good friend is obviously important, however it is just as important that your friends are being good back to you. If they do not reciprocate the energy and effort that you put into your relationships, talk to them about it. Good friends also need to be able to work through conflicts and sometimes that can mean having arguments. If they get completely defensive and refuse to do better as a friend, then it is probably time to look for better friends.


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