September Photography Highlights

Emma Gilson 1

The light shines out of a ukulele representing the music it makes. Photo Credit: Emma Gilson

Emma Gilson 2

Light cascades through the trees onto a path sprinkled with fallen leaves. Photo Credit: Emma Gilson

Lindsey Walters 1

Victoria Harbour Marina a couple of days ago. The light hits the sky perfectly from the sun. Photo Credit: Lindsey Walters

Molly McWethy 1

This neon sign illuminates the dark alley. Live music radiates through the sleeping city. Photo Credit: Molly McWethy

Molly WcWethy 2

Taxis getting ready to pick up passengers. Photo Credit: Molly McWethy

Emily Hailstone 1

A stunning sunset dips down below the trees and delicately paints a pink tip to the clouds. Photo Credit: Emily Hailstone

Emily Hailstone 2

The splintered wood hides shadows and darkness but the detail stands out in the light. Photo Credit: Emily Hailstone

pic 5 919

The sliver of the American flag glows in the shadow of the school. Photo Credit: Avery Adams


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