Pie in the Face

Section Editor: Hannah Suh


If you happened to be walking in the halls, in the library, or in the lunch room the week of Sept 16-19, you may have noticed the cart full of tissue boxes. What exactly were those tissue boxes? Well, if one were to take a closer look, they would see faces of multiple teachers printed on the tissue boxes, with money filling them up. An interesting site to see strolling up and down the halls if I do say so myself.


Those tissue boxes, however, are for the amazing fundraiser in which our Woodstock High School organization, Sources of Strength, recently put on. While the face covered tissue boxes are extremely interesting, the meaning behind this fundraiser is even more interesting, for the Sources of Strength club raised money from Sept. 16-19 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). All one simply had to do was donate any amount of money to the tissue box with the face of the teacher in which they wish to see pied in the face live on WTV7. The top two teachers, Mr. Loehr and Ms. Hoofnagle, were picked, prepared, and pied on WTV7 on Sept. 20.


Who would you want to see pied in the face?

Photo courtesy of: Sources of Strength instagram page @Woodstocksos


The Sources of Strength club dedicated this week to focus on each strength we use to help us survive any mental illness issues. Monday was red for Medical Access and Mental health, reminding us that it is always okay to put one’s mental health first. Tuesday was purple for spirituality, helping us to focus on something that us outside of ourselves and bigger than our struggles. Wednesday was green for mentors, reminding us how important our mentors around us are and how we can and should be able to rely on them for advice and support through the rough times. Thursday was grey and blue for generosity and healthy activities, reminding us how important something so small as generosity is. Friday was tie-dye, reminding us of the many positive friends and family members we can and should surround ourselves with.


Each of the individual parts of the wheel represent our different sources of strengths in times of hardships

Photo courtesy of: Sources of Strength instagram page @Woodstocksos


So, what exactly is “Sources of Strength”?


Nikki Bailey, a Woodstock High School sophomore, stated that the idea behind sources of strength is to “give people an outlet and show them how to cope with hard times and power through it “hence the different parts of our wheel”. The organization is something not just at our school, but it is actually at a lot of schools!” She continued to explain how “We are hoping to spread our message and help people cope with their hard times, and we want to help people learn how they can help themselves too!”


Hannah Keel, a Woodstock High School senior, also stated how, “The message is to show people that they are not alone and there are other things and people who care about them!”


Seniors Hannah Keel and Amber Massey repping purple for spirituality day

This photo can be found on the Sources of Strength instagram page at @woodstocksos !


If one were interested in joining this meaningful, amazing club, Nikki explained that one can join by “going to Mrs. Hortons room (209) or referring to our bulletin board outside of the cafeteria for resources on how to join! One would have to fill out a form and get a recommendation form from a teacher. The organization will then pick applications and train new members this coming November!”

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