October Photography Highlights: Sports

Staff Editor: Emily Hailstone

lindsey walters 2

The picture shown was taken at the Etowah High School football game. Woodstock lost this game but had them tied for a while. The school showed up ready to cheer on their awesome team. Photo credit: Lindsey Walters

lindsey walters 1

This image was taken at the Woodstock High football game against Cherokee. The lighting was perfect and at a perfect angle. Woodstock lost, 13-7. Photo credit: Lindsey Walters

emma gilson 1

A flag football player is chased while attempting to get a touchdown. Photo credit: Emma Gilson

emma gilson 2

Woodstock runner Ella Bailey 
mid step as she runs the last mile in a 5k. Photo credit: Emma Gilson

molly mcwethy 2

Woodstock high-fiving Cherokee after the game. Photo credit: Molly McWethy

molly mcwethy 3

A view from the sidelines. Photo Credit: Molly McWethy

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