A Different Take on Homecoming

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

This year, our Woodstock High School Student and Staff lead group, Student Government Association, decided to change up homecoming from it’s traditional “formal dance” stereotype to a more interactive setting. Homecoming this year included not only music and punch, but games, prizes, and even a haystack. The staff, consisting of teachers such as Mrs.Cogdill, Mrs.Smith, Mrs.Wadsworth, Mrs.Mason, and Mrs.Vance, decided to make this year into more of a Halloween themed fall festival in honor of the close holiday of Halloween.


The name of Homecoming this year was “All Hallows Gala” as it mixed in the spooky vibe of Halloween with the sophisticated, fancy idea of a gala.

Photo courtesy of: Woodstock SGA instagram


The week leading up to homecoming consisted of many different themed days. Monday had everyone seeing double with twin day. Students walked the halls mirroring their friends’ hair, clothes, or entire look. Tuesday brought back memories from childhood with Disney day. Students walked into school dressed as their various interpretations of well known Disney characters. Wednesday was a blast from the past with decades day. Ironically, students that were not yet born in these previous decades were dressed as their interpretation of those decades. By their interpretation I mean whatever the internet showed them. Thursday was … meme day. No need for an explanation on that.

Even our Woodstock High School teachers got involved with meme day, recreating this (picture to the right) teacher themed friends meme.

Photo courtesy of: Mrs. Sinclair


Homecoming this year took place within the Woodstock High School cafeteria and along the outside, providing games such as corn hole, tic-tac-toe, and others. Hannah Alderman, a Woodstock High School senior and Student Government member, stated how, “Unlike other homecomings, this one gave out prizes for those who participated in the games. These door prizes included money, gift cards, aquarium tickets, and other gifts. Our staff wanted to be able to allow students to have a more fun experience at homecoming, keeping the enjoyment of the casual, formal attire while providing more opportunities for memories through the fun and excitement of the games.”


In preparation for this year’s homecoming, our Student Government Association teachers and students met to discuss and plan out every last detail. Hannah mentioned how, “Teachers arranged individual fundraisers to build money, for the budget was a very important factor.” Teachers wanted to be able to raise enough to provide the night with amazing memories for the students while limiting themselves money wise to avoid debt. Teachers also spent their time calling individual businesses to gain the door prizes in which they gave to the lucky game winners. SGA also had to arrange decorators, help decorate, and find a DJ to bring the sweet tunes.

Spooky vibes were sent throughout our Woodstock High School halls and cafeteria. The halls were filled with cobwebs, ghosts, and neon lights while our tables had sweet treats.

Photo courtesy of: Woodstock SGA instagram


This year our Woodstock High School homecoming court consisted of 16 seniors and 12 juniors, all amazing students within their grades. These students were nominated by their own classmates in their weekly homeroom meetings. From the nominees, students are chosen to be on homecoming court. Out of the homecoming court, students once again vote for those in which they want to be titled our Woodstock High School King and Queen. This year, our senior King and Queen were the phenomenal students, Magnus and Annabelle Knapp!


Our Woodstock High School homecoming court, the picture on the left being the seniors and the picture on the right being the juniors!

Photo courtesy of: Woodstock SGA instagram


Many of our Woodstock Students had a blast at homecoming.

Sarah Gurley, a Woodstock senior, exclaimed that, “Homecoming this year was a fun environment. The music kept the dancing and vibe alive!”

Katherine Torkkola explained how, “It was my first and last homecoming as a senior. I’m so sad that I couldn’t go my earlier years, I had so much fun! I went with my best friend, and if I could, I’d go again!”

Another one of our Woodstock seniors, stated how, “While the dance was pretty fun with the glowsticks and everything, I wouldn’t say it lived up to the hype. The “games” were a bit disappointing and there were a lot of people awkwardly standing around not knowing what to do, but overall it was fun!”

Britney Diep, a Woodstock senior, said, “Homecoming this year was the best one yet! I really loved seeing the wolverine nation together having a blast.”

Briston Green, a Woodstock senior, boasted about how, “Homecoming came together really great this year. The theme actually turned out better than expected and the dance went well considering the rain and all. I had a great time and had a great dinner! I was very happy with the dance .”

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