Bill SB 206 and The Butterfly Effect

Staff Writer: Shane Zachos

Recently, the governor of the state of California, Gavin Newsome, signed a new bill that allows college athletes to sign endorsements. This is huge news not only for California but for the whole country because California is the only state that has done this, and it could set a new trend in states throughout the U.S.

The NCAA is well-known for their strict restrictions when it comes to its athletes and any type of money-based situation. In this case, however, there is nothing the NCAA can do about a state law, so it makes the whole incident very interesting.

shane 1

Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, signing the SB 206 bill. Photo credit:

Many people have mixed emotions about what Gavin Newsome has done with this bill. For example, LeBron James spoke his emotions on a recent Instagram post. James wrote “Thank you @gavinnewsome…take a bow”.

LeBron is on the side of the governor from California and it is easy to tell. If you know anything about James, you know he cares a lot about inner city children and their opportunities they have in life. With that, it is no surprise that Lebron supports this new movement.

On the other hand, college football legend, Tim Tebow, feels a different way. Tebow shares his thoughts on a morning show of First Take, “Now we’re changing it from us, to we, to my university … to it’s just about me.”

Tebow feels that this new bill would make young women and men forget sport’s roots and what it truly means to be part of a college team. There are two ways of interpreting this new bill, either you think it is great and fair to the athletes or it is going to ruin college sports and make it lose its purity and competitive nature.

shane 2

College football legend, Tim Tebow, had one of the highest jersey’s sold when he played in college and never gained a penny from it. Photo credit;

shane 3

LeBron James jumped straight to his pay day from high school. Photo credit;

With all mixed emotions about the bill, one thing is for sure…this will be a huge impact on certain players and recruits in the future. It is no secret that many great athletes come from an inner city and may not be accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle when they are living in high school. So, when great athletes have the chance to be able to get paid while they play college sports, they will no doubt take their chance and run with it.

The issue is that only one state in the country would allow them to get paid which obviously means there will be some sort of bias when it comes down to where recruits will want to play their sports. This will eventually have a huge impact on sports around the country.

If most of the top tier recruits do, in fact, come from these urban city areas and less wealthy lifestyles, they will want to have the chance to make endorsement deals whilst in college and make money to either give themselves a healthy living situation or help give back to their homes.

Either way, these athletes will now all be attending college in the same state which will cause problems. Think of it this way, if you were to take the NBA’s all-stars and sit them on the bench for a whole season no one would watch the NBA. That could eventually be what it is like to watch college sports that don’t feature a team from the state of California.

If a situation like this takes place all other states will notice and take initiative into signing themselves a bill with the same purpose. This means that if this bill goes through and the NCAA can do nothing from stopping athletes making money through endorsements then who knows how far off this can take bill making into hand. This could eventually bring the rule that allows high school graduates to be able to go straight into the pro leagues, which hasn’t been allowed since 2005.

Even though this bill will not actually make its way until 2024, it still has brought up many different conversations for the NCAA. The NCAA has not fully responded to the bill as of today, but it is soon to be expected.

Newsome closed his signing with this statement, “It’s going to change college sports for the better by having now the interests finally of the athletes on par with the interests of the institutions.”

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