Who is the Fastest Man in the World?

Staff Writer: Kevin Mitchell

IAAF World Championships in Doha Qatar at the Khalifa International Stadium is the biggest stage, next to the Olympics, for Track and Field athletes that are the best of the best from every country around the world.

With America having the top men in the meet, many eyes are on sprinters Christian Coleman, Noah Lyles, and Justin Gatlin. The biggest question rippling through the crowds of Track and Field fans is, who is going to be the fastest in the world this year?

It has gone back and forth from Noah Lyles to Christian Coleman to Justin Gatlin in the weeks and months leading up to the world championships. Christian Coleman won the 100 meter and Justin Gatlin was second in the World Championships, but the one person everyone forgot about was Noah Lyles.

Noah is the man who is going for three gold medals in Tokyo coming up in 2020. He wants to be a triple threat for the USA and after his performance in Worlds he is extremely capable of achieving that.

Can Noah achieve this goal though is the question everyone is asking, and the answer is most definitely. If Noah can stay healthy throughout the lead up to the Olympics, there is no doubt he will perform. The only problems are Gatlin and Coleman.

Christian pulled out of the 200-meter race against Lyles, but he still has his eyes on the same goal as his rivals, be the fastest man in the world. Gatlin, the oldest of the group, is the man who beat Usain Bolt in the London Worlds a few years ago. The rest of these runners have the goal to beat Usain’s time, but Gatlin is the only one on this list to beat Usain at Bolt’s peak.

Although Gatlin plans on this being his last World Championship competition he will be forever remembered as one of the fastest and he very well could become the fastest in the world if he returns home with another Olympic medal for the US.

When Lyles, Gatlin, and Coleman come together in the 100-meter finals in Tokyo the whole world will be tuning in to see who the fastest is. However, even after Gatlin retires, in a few years, Coleman and Lyles have the next big thing to worry about. That being UGA prospect Matt Bowling. He can easily keep up with all three of these runners and not break a sweat.

Imagine when the winner of the 2020 Olympics in the 100 goes against the fastest college runner. Bowling’s fastest time is 9.98, Coleman’s fastest time is 9.76, Gatlin’s fastest time is 9.74, and Lyles fastest time is 9.91. These times mean nothing in the grand scheme of things because times can always change.

Many Track and Field fans from Georgia are going to be cheering for the Georgia native, Christian Coleman. Many are also rooting for him because of how he was treated before Worlds. He was almost not able to participate in the event due to a mix up on a drug test. He couldn’t practice with Team USA leading up to Worlds but right before, he was cleared and able to run. Despite having limited practice, he still looked great in the prelims and even better in the finals. He is the strongest 100 runners in the group and has the best pick-up speed since Usain Bolt.

Noah Lyles has the strongest speed over a period of space. Being a 200 runner, he has the best stamina of speed out of the group, and there is no denying that his finishing speed is tremendous when it comes to the end of the race.

Justin Gatlin, even though he is the oldest, still looks to be as stong as when he was in his prime. Nobody knows if he was holding back in Worlds and waiting for the Olympics, but that appears to be the prevailing opinion.

kevin 1

Christian Coleman running and winning at the Doha Worlds. Photo credit: The Guardian.com

“This time around the fastest men in the world did not go missing,” The Guardian. Team USA will be a strong team coming for the Olympics in sprints. After Usain winning everything for more than a decade, the US is back to take our throne away from the other countries.

There is no way we won’t win big in the Olympics. The men sprinters will finish 1,2, 3 in the 100 and 1 and 2 in the 200. Predictions for the 100: Coleman, Lyles, Gatlin. For the 200: Lyles then Christian. Georgia fans will get to see Coleman on the medal stand in both events.

The ways Coleman can beat Lyles:

  1. He stays healthy
  2. He goes back to work to get his time back to the 9.72 or below
  3. He doesn’t get sucked up into any more untested drug test


kevin 2

Noah Lyles running the 200 at the Doha Worlds. Photo credit: Sports24.com

kevin 3

Justin Gatlin right after beating Usain Bolt in the 2017 London Worlds. Photo credit: BuisnessInsider.com

Who will be the fastest in the Olympics? No one can know for sure, but my prediction is the man who won the 100 meter in worlds will be the new fastest man in the world.

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