The Loaf Week 13 College Football Picks

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown

Welcome back to The Loaf!

(*DISCLAIMER*  I most definitely forgot to post last week’s The Loaf. I offer my sincerest apologies. It was typed up, ready to be posted, and I just forgot to hit that publish button. For your reference, my picks were: Virginia Tech (-5.5) @ Georgia Tech, Michigan State @ Michigan (UNDER 44.5), Rutgers (+53) vs Ohio State, Georgia @ Auburn (UNDER 41), Minnesota @ Iowa (UNDER 44.5), Duke (-10) vs Syracuse, Baylor (+10.5) vs Oklahoma, and Alabama (-17.5) @ Mississippi State. End of Disclaimer)

Week 12 was quite a success for us here on The Loaf. We had a strong 6-2 week, and we’re sitting at 43-37-1 on the season. Not bad at all. We must finish strong, though. I’ve got 6 picks this week.

First up is Arkansas (+46) @ #1 LSU. I never, not even in my wildest of dreams would’ve seen myself picking the Hogs this year in The Loaf. One of the worst teams in not just the Power 5, but all of the FBS. But now Chad Morris is out, and 46 points is just too many against an LSU team with little-to-no motivation between now and the SEC Championship, an LSU team that also has a somewhat vulnerable defense. Hogs will get blown out, but 46 is a bit extreme. LSU 52, Arkansas 14


Not really sure what’s happening here, but I imagine LSU laying “DAT WOOD” on Arkansas this weekend. Photo Credit: Fort Worth/Fayetteville News

#10 Minnesota (-12.5) @ Northwestern – This has more to do with Northwestern than it does Minnesota, but I’m still rowing the boat. I’m impressed with the Gophers, even after last week’s loss at Iowa. They’ve been a great team this year. But like I said, Northwestern. Oh, Northwestern. The Wildcats are just so bad. One of the very worst teams in the country, 2-8 against the number this season, and just cannot seem to get in the endzone no matter what it does. Moral of the story is this: any team ranked in the top 10 should be favored by way north of two touchdowns against this Northwestern team. Minnesota 28, Northwestern 6

Quick Lane Bowl - Minnesota v Georgia Tech

This was at the Quick Lane Bowl last year in Detroit. My dad and I drove all the way up there on Christmas Day to see off Paul Johnson in what turned out to be a disaster of a finale. Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Samford (+48.5) @ #15 Auburn – It’s not often I pick games involving FCS teams, let alone picking FCS teams against the spread. Auburn is a pretty good team. It’s got a great defense. Spectacular. But as has been the case all season, the offense, and quarterback Bo Nix especially, is inconsistent. Auburn also won’t be very amped up to play this game. Sure they’ve got the Iron Bowl next week (and with Tua out, it’ll likely turn into Auburn’s Super Bowl), but they’ve lost enough this year to where they’re destined for one of those random bowl games in Central Florida against an uninterested Big Ten team. And now here comes little old Samford, the week before Alabama, an in-state little guy school, who will be itching at a chance at one of the big boys in Alabama. Samford will be much more invested in this game than Auburn, and Auburn won’t be good enough to overcome that enough to win by 7 touchdowns. Simple. Auburn 42, Samford 7


Red and blue are my favorite colors; related: I love Samford’s uniforms. Photo Credit: Samford University

#8 Penn State @ #2 Ohio State (UNDER 57.5) – I’ve always been a proponent of unders in big games. Teams come out nervous, and the offenses are usually flatter than the defenses. Also, these are two teams whose defenses are elite. Two elite defenses usually means a low-scoring game. I’m confident not many points are scored in Columbus this Saturday. Ohio State 31, Penn State 14

ohio state

Chase Young: BACK. It’s spooky hours for Sean Clifford. Photo Credit: 247 Sports

#4 Georgia (-13.5) vs Texas A&M – I don’t really have all that much to say about this one, but I just don’t understand why this number is so low. Georgia is a team that is vastly superior to A&M. In every single facet of the game. And the game is in Athens. And Georgia is trying to play its way into the Playoff. And is peaking right now, too, it seems. All signs point to a Georgia blowout victory this Saturday. Georgia 35, Texas A&M 13


Jake Fromm – still my favorite player in College Football. Photo Credit: Saturday Down South

Indiana (+9.5) vs #13 Michigan – First off, Indiana is a dang good football team. I don’t know why it isn’t ranked, and I don’t know why it isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. Also, Michigan….eh? The Wolverines are great at home, and mediocre as heck on the road. When you have them favored by this many against a pretty good team on the road? I’m not gonna buy into that. Indiana 28, Michigan 21


Put some respect on Indiana’s name. Please. Photo Credit: Indiana Hoosiers Athletics

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s The Loaf! Enjoy your College Football Saturday!!


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