The Perfect Gift

Staff Writer: Abigail Hopton

It seems like we only just celebrated Halloween, and now the holiday season is right around the corner. Time is truly flying by this year and we need to make the most of it. The holiday season is the perfect time to show those you love acts of kindness by giving them gifts.

As high school students, most of us have a limited budget for buying presents for our friends and family. Even though we know our close ones so well, it is not uncommon to completely blank when trying to think of a thoughtful gift for them.


A Pile of nicely wrapped presents. Photo courtesy: Pexels

Not all heartfelt presents are expensive. In fact, I would argue that the most meaningful presents are typically not expensive. It might seem weird, but some of the best gifts I have ever gotten from friends have always been below twenty dollars.

Maybe your gift is a silly reference to an inside joke you have together, or maybe it is even a handwritten card with them telling you how much you mean to them. There are so many ways to give the best gifts, and not a lot of money is required.

I was curious about what other students had to say about the best gift that they have received from a friend before. Senior Emma Gilson, said, “My friend back in England got us matching necklaces with a nice quote on it which I thought was very sentimental.”

Amanda Lloyd, sophomore, said, “My friend got me Silly Bandz last year. It was an inside joke between my friends and I also just really wanted some.” Junior Lindsey Walters, said, “I got a friendship bracelet and I still wear it to this day.”



Friends celebrating Christmas together. Photo courtesy: Pexels

Is there something that your friend mentions a lot? Maybe they have a bit of a pop culture obsession or perhaps they have been dying to get their hands on a Disney Plus subscription. Either way, if you listen to your friends when they talk, you are bound to notice things that they have mentioned wanting.

If you are not super close with someone but you still want to give them a gift, it is probably best to give them a present that is simple and will also make them laugh.

Presents are not just materialistic things. They can also be experiences that you will remember forever. For example, maybe you and your friend have not had time to hang out for a while since school has been so chaotic lately. What better than to give them a gift that you can enjoy together?

It could be something as simple as telling them to keep their eyes closed while you surprise them by driving them to Waffle House for a treat. Or, if you have a lot of money you can splurge, you could buy tickets to go skydiving together. Something like that would not be easily forgotten.



Children celebrating Hanukkah with a menorah. Photo courtesy: Getty Images

You might know some of the things that your friends like, but have difficulty translating those interests into gifts for them. A good way to narrow down your options if you are overwhelmed is to make a list of what each friend does not like. Then, go from there.

If they love music, buy them an Apple music gift card or even tickets to go see their favorite artist. If they love clothes, maybe buy them a shirt or some fuzzy socks, but clothing can be tricky to pick out for other people. It is usually best to go with a gift card in that area. In all honesty, gift cards are super simple gifts, but they really can go a long way. Add a card with it and you are golden.

When you are out gift shopping later on, try not to stress about giving each of your friends the best present ever. Have fun with it. The holiday season is all about giving back, so get in the spirit!

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