November Photography Highlights

Staff Editor: Emily Hailstone

avery 1

A flower in an orchid house. The sun is setting behind the back wall, breaking through the leaves. Photo Credit: Avery Adams


This was a leaf from a tree that had just fallen. This was one of the few leaves that was still living. Photo Credit: Avery Adams


This bright pink blossom stands out against the ever-fading background. Photo Credit: Emily Hailstone

emma 1

Looking up through the trees you see the large sky, green leaves, and bright sun. Photo Credit: Emma Gilson

lindsey 1

The angle is a basic angle but shows the whole sky and includes the view of trees and other cars. Photo Credit: Lindsey Walters


molly 1

Cropped in shot of our mini  Christmas tree with multi-colored led lights on them. The specific angle focus here shows us enough of the tree to understand the scenery and a slightly out of focus stocking to lay out the holiday feeling.


Plants. Pots. Potted Plants. My urge, nigh, my desire to destroy is all consuming. Everywhere I walk I see nothing but pots. Plants. Planted Pots. *CRASH* He’s not very happy, but I have my prize. Rupees, to spend on more Plants. Pots. Potted Plants. Photo credit: Molly McWethy

emily 2

On a traditional fall hayride the autumn spirit is very tangible with leaves falling and a tractor whirring. Photo credit: Emily Hailstone

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