Can We Hurry It Up Please?

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown

So, I’m not writing about sports this time. I’ve decided to pick up the Senior Column duties this month because we had been unintentionally neglecting it.

I want to talk about the stresses of life as a senior, and how I really want us to just calm down, and not worry too much. Because in the end, it’s all gonna be okay. It’s going to work out just fine.

I also want to talk about the future. That seems very broad, and it is. I am so excited for the future, and I kind of just want to ramble about it for a little bit.

There’s lots of things to be stressed out about as a senior: college applications, scholarship applications, making money maybe, prom, senior project, etc. I’m not disputing that most of these are things that warrant some worry maybe (not sure about prom or senior project but it is what it is). I was really stressed out about college stuff, and still kinda am. I applied to five schools and am in the process of submitting my seventh total application, this one for the UGA Honors College. That’s a lot. It doesn’t seem like much, but it has taken a while, and it’s just so annoying.  Kennesaw, West Georgia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Georgia. I got accepted to four of them so far, and was deferred from Tech, with a final decision coming in March.

That was all just a lot. It was hard to find time to do all those, because I was always either at school or work. So many questions to answer, forms to fill out, essays to write, UGH!!

But it’s fine! It’s always fine. It always works out. There’s just no reason to stress about stuff. I’ve found this out recently; everything always works out the way its supposed to. Senior Tess Cope said, “Take senior year easy, it’s a time to reminisce and spend quality time with your friends before college!!”


You know, sometimes I think it would be fun to give a speech at graduation. Maybe I should. Photo Credit: Youtube

That’s what I tried to do. I hate using the phrase “joke class,” because no class is a joke (they all have their own unique challenges), but I did try to take some that I figured would involve the least work outside of class, and it worked. I leave school every day after 5th period, and I have homework maybe once every month. It’s beautiful. Senior Nathaniel Mathers said, “Senioritis is only as real as you make it out to be.”

I’ve been making it pretty real, unfortunately. I wouldn’t say I’ve been using it to spend a heck ton of time with friends, though. My best friend Chelsea doesn’t even go to this school, so that’s one thing. But I have also discovered that I love being alone. It’s so nice. It’s great just to be with me, myself, and I. I find myself going out to eat alone, going to movies alone, etc. And it’s great.


So excited, man. So excited. This it The Arch on North Campus. Photo Credit: UGA

And now here I am. I’m committed to attending the University Georgia – I know that’s where I’m going. And I am so excited about it. In fact, I’m honestly so ready to be there. I’m ready for high school to be over, I’m ready to not be working at Dairy Queen anymore, I’m ready to just move on to the new stage of my life. I feel like I could be doing so much more right now than what I am, and I’m really just ready to get started. Senior Jessica Watson (future Alabama student) said, “I’m really excited to go to the University of Alabama because both of my parents attended UA and it has been my dream school ever since I was born!”

Don’t get me wrong; I love my teachers. Sailers is great. Cowart? Great. I will never forget Dr. Engram or Marcusky. Coach Wallace has been amazing for the past two years. These wonderful people have all shaped my life for the better, and I’m thankful for it.


Words can’t express how much I love Sailers. Here’s a picture we made for Who’s Who. Photo Credit: me

But still. I can’t take it anymore. Every day I walk into school in a hoodie and PJs and struggle to stay awake during the majority of my classes before I leave after 5th period for Work-Based Learning. And I struggle to get through that much of the day as it is.

Is it bad? Should I not feel this way? Am I being a lazy bum senior? Or is it good that I’m excited for my future? Like, I just look forward to being in Athens, and learning more about how to work in the industry of sports, you know. I’m ready to attend CCF (Campus Christian Fellowship) every week and make lots of new friends. I’m ready to be at Canes on Friday night before the Dawgs take the field the next day. I’m ready to be at those football games. I’m ready to be attending Beech Haven Baptist Church.

That was a bit of literary strategy on my part; but I just want to emphasize how much I have thought about my life after high school, and how ready I am for it to happen.



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