Australia Fires

Staff Writer: Yee Yee Tway

Australia fires could be caused naturally or by human activity. Especially in the driest area it could start up a fire easily. Since September of 2019, there has been at least 24 million acres of land burned in the worst seasons. At least 480 billion animals have lost their lives to the wildfire. It may have long term damage to the ecosystem.

australia fires picture one

From: New York Times

Also, the fires keep spreading because of global warming. Global warming is an increase of the overall temperature of Earth’s atmosphere. The green house has increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutions around the earth. So, that is what global warming is and it is also the cause of the fire spreading because of the heat. Some fires are well maintained, and some are not maintained, and the fire would just burn down whatever is in its path.

The climate condition is basically the fuel for the fire to spread. The wind also spreads the wildfires too. The Australia fires are getting more dangerous. A lot of animals and plants are in danger. Many animals would’ve been already starving because of the fire burning away things in its pathway. Around 8,000 Koalas have died, while others search for food and water.

There’s a lot of smoke caused by the fires and bushfires that spread which makes it hard to see what’s going on bellow the smoke from above. When the fires go out it would still be a disaster. Homes are loss, pets, living things that were cause in the wildfire, properties, and it would be difficult to cope with it. When it rains it will or might carry charred debris from the fire and cause it to go into the ocean or the water and cause pollution.

australia fires picture two

From: ABC News

The land would be dry and the animals that survived the fire would be in danger too, they might’ve been hurt along the way or have trouble finding water, food, and shelter.

The fires are about 6.3 million hectares and those areas are burned down. There’re professional firefighters trying to fight the fires, but they are outnumbered. They also help coming from abroad, Canada, the US, New Zealand. They sent firefighters on the way to help fight the fire.

Unfortunately, three U.S. firefighters plus one other firefighter died in a plane crash in Australia. No one knows yet how this happened. Police are investigating the crash, but the crash was not immediately known. But the fire and the smoke made it hard to investigate the plane crash.

australia fires picture three

From: The Denver Post

The Australia fires are still burning, more than 60 fires are still burning. At least 30 people so far has been killed, and more than 10 million hectares or 24.7 million acres of bush, parks, and forests across Australia has burned. Victoria was the place the fires have burned down 1.2 million hectares. They enforced evacuation and let emergency services take over the properties.

australia fires picture four


More than 1,100 firefighters are still currently working on trying to slow down the spread of fires and shore up containment lines. The military sent troops, ships, and aircraft to the area to help relocation and firefighting efforts.

Update: Two more people and an estimate of 25,000 koalas were killed when the flames devastated Kangaroo Island.

Reporters has also said that more than 80 homes in Adelaide Hills Region were destroyed in late December. The fires also destroyed up to a third of the vines that provided grapes for the Adelaide Hills win industry.

The smoke from the fires has become a hazard. The fires have become worse than usual. Australia always had bush fires but this one was worse of them all. The total area of land affected by the Australia land across was more than 10 million hectares and its now comparable to England’s land area of 13 million hectares.

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