Valentine’s Day Presents and Looking Ahead

Kealey Stewart

Hey Kealey, so Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t know what to get my boyfriend, do you have any suggestions?

Now is a great time to start thinking about it! I was thinking about getting a big bag and filling it with candy and fun little Valentine things. I prefer for him to have a lot to open that way it’s more fun. Don’t put pressure on him to get you anything, ask him to take you out as his gift or make you dinner. They do better with those types of things. Get all dressed up and celebrate the holiday of love!

If you don’t have a date for the 14th get the people you love a little something to open. I like to get my mom something every year and my close friends. Spread the love. Text all your relatives as well. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for you and your significant other, it’s about love and love flows between you and everyone close to you. Of course, do something a little more special for that person in your life.


Here’s just some personal advice from me without a request…

It’s the last semester of your senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman year. It’s time to finish strong to avoid clean up from bad grades later. You know how your classes work, you did it all last semester. You know what to do and most likely what not to do. Just do it and start your summer knowing you ended school strong.

Don’t have go to summer school, don’t have to make it up in apex, don’t get a C and ruin your 3.0 GPA. Just do what you know how to do. We’ve been doing this for too long to still be making these mistakes during the second semester.

Also, keep your relationships healthy and present. It’s almost summer, you don’t want to spend it alone. Stay sweet and positive. I know you just had the worst morning, and your mom is on you about these grades but don’t forget to tell “Samantha” to do a good job at her important job interview and to have a great weekend. It’s the little thing that will build relationships that will hopefully stick around long past high school.

Remember to smile and have a good time. Stay focused and on top of your schoolwork but have fun at the same time. Ask “Samantha” if she wants to study for your world history test after school. Have fun in high school because it will fly by and you’ll regret not having a good attitude.

Also, don’t neglect your parents. I know it may seem like mom wants you to have a terrible time with high school and only get good grades and spend all your time with her but its only because she loves you. Don’t forget to love her back and keep your grades good for her. It’s the least you can do.

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