Divided Opinions among Parents Concerning the School Year

Staff Writer: Sarah Hall

We all know the main thing on everyone’s mind. Yep, you guessed it Covid-19. However, this isn’t like every other article you have read in the past 5 months. Let’s investigate a more detailed and personal outlook on the pandemic. Parents outlook. Parents are completely conflicted with whether they should send their children back to school or not with everything going on. Parents are more than worried about the risk with sending their kids to school. It is a weird concept; parents being scared to send their children to what used to be a safe place is now the normal feeling for most parents.  

I have contacted a handful of parents to get an insight on what they think. A mother of a 3rd grade student had this to say, “I sent my child back to school because online learning is not the ideal place for my child to learn. We need to get back to real life, we can’t hide out forever.” This shows that not every parent has that common corona fear. She had told me she sends her child to school with a mask, she is still being safe but is just ready for everything to go back to normal.  

On the other hand, a mother of a student in high school thinks school should be online until next semester and goes on to say, “My family and I always take great precautions when we go out into the public.” I have had many more parents agree with this. Schools are not able to keep social distance with students and has caused a lot of controversy with parents. A lot of people are ready for life to be back to normal, but until we mandate masks and social distancing, we simply must accept the fact that this is the new way of life.  

From all the parents I talked to who have sent their kids back, all of them have said they sent masks with them. Even though it is not mandatory to wear a mask most parents feel more comfortable if they make their own kids wear a mask. Wearing a mask could prevent the spread and could be wore in a fun way. As you see below some people match their masks with their outfits, some are fun and colorful, and some are basic. No matter what, masks are the safest way to prevent COVID when social distancing can’t happen. 

Even though there are such divided opinions between parents. One thing they can all agree on is keeping their children safe as well as getting the best education possible. 

When style is just as important as corona
Always smiling even with a mask on

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