How Seniors of WHS Feel About New Hybrid Schedule

Staff Writer: Talia Fleisig

Ever since March 13, 2020, the class of 2021 have been thrown some major curveballs. Spring break turned into a five-month staycation. When August came around, I think everyone was ready to be back at school even if it meant it was only for a short time; but not as short as eight days. 

Speaking as someone who chose to go to school in person for those eight days, I was happy to be back even if I had to wear a mask throughout the day. For the students who chose to do online school full time, from what I’ve heard they have enjoyed it. I asked a couple of students how they felt about the new hybrid schedule which consists of part time in person and part time online and here’s what they had to say about it. 

Senior Kayla Damato said, “As a person who has been online since the beginning of the school year, I believe that keeping school online for students would be a better idea. While doing this online, there is no confusing schedule where kids will go on different days and the teachers will be on one thing all day instead of having to worry about both their online and in school students and classes.” While I personally miss being in school with all of my friends, I have also loved doing my work in my PJs and in the comfort of my own home or wherever I choose.

After getting input from Kayla, who has been online since the beginning, I asked around for more opinions and many basically said, “Any school in person is better than no school at all,” which is something I can definitely agree with. 

Senior Nyhri Mudie states, “I would rather not have the new schedule because it separates me from my friends’ senior year. I feel like it should be done by grade. I’d rather go fully online because then I at least would not be separated from half of my friends.” 

Other students have mentioned that the Teams meetings online are hard because many students sleep through them. They don’t physically have to be anywhere besides their own bed, and for that reason, they would rather go to school in person. Many others point out that school is easier when they can learn from the teacher in person, which I personally agree with. At the end of the day, we still have to see how this new hybrid schedule will play out but for now. I think I can speak for the seniors when I say we all want a fun but safe senior year.

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