What Do Students Struggle with During Digital or Hybrid Learning?

Staff Writer: Amie Wyatt

As the 2020-2021 school year begins, schools are already shutting down due to COVID-19 related issues. Some students didn’t even get to start their school year in actual classrooms.

Photo Credit: Mark Lieberman 
Classrooms are empty due to increase in at home digital learning. 

Education has changed dramatically. As of now, digital learning from home is very common in schools across the United States, and even in the whole world. Although schools somewhat did the digital learning starting last year at the beginning of the pandemic, this is still all very new to not only students, but also teachers, and other faculty. not only is it a struggle to learn through a computer, but some students may not have access to the technology they need to interact with their teachers and complete their assignments.

“It is a struggle for me to stay on top of all my work at home, let alone having the motivation to do it,” Alexis Adams said. Trying to keep up with assignments on your own can be very challenging. Even though we have email, or some schools have video calls, asking questions can still be difficult when you don’t have face to face interaction.

Yes, digital learning is a way of reducing the spread of the virus in schools, but is this the ideal way of teaching? Most people would agree with, no, it’s not. Some schools have introduced the hybrid model of learning. This is where half on students may come some days of the week and the rest come the others. Yes, this gets students back in the classroom, but students who are at home on their digital day may not be able to get a hold of their teachers, as they are teaching their students who are at school. But some may agree this is a step to getting everyone back into a normal routine.

Photo Credit: Madison Weil 
Teacher teaching lessons through video calls instead of in the classroom. 

“Although we get to go back to school some days during the week, it’s hard for me to stay on top of everything and stay focused while at home. I also don’t enjoy not being able to see all of my classmates,” WHS senior Lindsey Walters said.

Not only are assignments a struggle, but not being able to interact with you classmates in person is also one. Of course, school isn’t about just being social, but it is something that helps students through the day.

Overall, digital learning is not the ideal way of teaching, but this problem is temporary, and hopefully we will all be face to face again.

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