The Comforting Familiarity of Football Season

Staff Writer: Abbey Skouras

Our favorite time of year is finally here, football season! At 7:30 kickoff our stands are filled (within capacity rules, of course) with students and parents ready for a big game! This year our football stands look a lot different, but we have even more spirit than before.

Our football team has not let the coronavirus get them down. Our team has played five games so far this season winning two and losing three. We are excited to see where this team goes this year.

When asked how the coronavirus has positively affected their season our head football coach, Coach Budde said, “The positive effect should be that we should be very grateful that we are able to practice and play games this season. We have a motto of Win The Day. Tomorrow we could be quarantined and not able to play so you just have to be focused on today and make the most of today because we don’t know what tomorrow will be like. I think that is a great lesson for life also. The players have also done a great job of handling this uncertainty and adversity.  And I believe that is a great lesson for life also.”

This year all ticket sales including parking tickets are online. These tickets will be sold a week before the game. To find the information and buy the tickets you can go to the Woodstock High School home page, scroll down the student section, and click on athletics. From there you select shop and find the football game you wish to go to. You can also follow the same process for parking tickets. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the front door on a first come first serve basis.

Cannot get a ticket this game? We have all different options. You can live stream the football game, listen to a radio broadcast, or even get live score feeds. To find these options under the athletic link on our home page. You can also get updates from

Currently at our home games the amount of ticket sales has had to lower to provide room for social distancing and to keep all student and parents safe. At the game’s masks are highly recommended but not required. When you come to the game you will see dots along the bleachers and students are required to stand on them to provide a six-foot distance between the crowd.

Our head football coach, Coach Budde says, “Be safe, Be loud and have fun. Just like the players, the fans did not know if they were going to be able to enjoy time at the games with their friends.  I know that Friday Nights are special for our fans, especially our students, so come support your school, this team and enjoy time with your classmates.  Just do it while practicing social distancing so that we can continue to stay healthy and having games to come watch.”

Calm before the storm.

One of the best parts about out Friday night games is the themes! Kayla Curry, a sophomore at Woodstock, says, “My favorite thing about Friday night football is dressing up for the themes and watching the themes and watching the games, I’m most excited about the pink out.”

This year’s football themes can be found on the Woodstock High school Instagram, woodstockhs1.

On Oct. 23, we have our homecoming game against Alpharetta. Kick off will be at 7:30 and it will be a pink out.

On Nov. 6, we have one of our most exciting games of the season we are going to paint the town red at our Woodstock vs. Etowah game. This game will be held on our home field so grab all the red you can find and join us at 7:30 pm kick off.

We only have a few games left this season so make sure you get tickets. We cannot wait to see you all out there. You do not want to miss this season!

This is Woodstock!

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