When is the Fun No Longer Worth It?

Staff Writer: LJ Galbreath

Over the years many people have been known to play video games for many hours in a day. Some people have been known to play all day even going on without sleep.

People are known to gain a lot of weight due to playing video games a lot because they’re not active like they would be if they went outside for at least an hour a day just to walk or get some fresh air. Or even exercise in indoors for at least 30 minutes is ok enough.

People would rather stay in their rooms and either eat a lot while playing the game or eat less/ not eat at all. This causes not only kids but someone adults to be way underweight or way overweight.

Playing video games way too much from an early age up to adulthood may cause easier chance of strokes and a higher cholesterol. People are less and less active every year because they’re on the game a lot.

Playing video games too often without breaks or fresh air may cause extreme to small headaches, eye muscle pain, or temporary blindness.

This also means that not only more people are doing stuff more online than in person, that also means that people are more social online than in person.

The good side to playing video games is that it can and will most likely develop the brain in a positive instead of a bad way. Playing games that require to be able to solve puzzles or involve aiming can increase intelligence and accuracy.

Some bad sides to playing certain video games that are violent or shooter games, can cause violent thoughts, depression, brain damage etc. But it’s good to (if you’re a gamer, or you’re interested in video games) manage the time you spend on the game and try to live your life more often. Because we only live one life so we must live it to the fullest.

Sometimes it’s good to rather watch a movie with your family or just watch a movie in general or talk to your friends or family on the phone if they don’t live with you.

The generation before our current one was technically more active. The reason why is because technology and video games weren’t so big back then compared to right now. Which caused kids back then to be outside more and play with their friends or read books. Back then children were also more talkative towards people in person compared to kids now because kids and teens now talk more to each other online and in video games and stuff.

Another thing about video games. Even though every video game has an age plus that you must be in order to play it, young children still tend to play games that are meant for older teens or adults. Videogames such as call of duty or grand theft auto or games that have a lot of blood or killing in it.

Chanelle Allen: “I think that video games and devices are critical to a person’s health. I think that playing video games for a long period of time can harm a person’s vision, let alone their mind of thinking, such as their learning abilities. Although playing video games has harmful effects, there are some positive affects too. I know that playing video games can boost motor skills.”

Ashanti Allen: “I think video games can be healthy because it gets your mind off things, but they could also be unhealthy if you stay on them too long.”

Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com

Playing video games too much and too long causes your eyes to hurt.

Photo Credit: npr.org

Playing video games too much will most likely change your mood and the way you think.

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