Bump, Set, Spike!

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle

The season started on August 3 and runs through the beginning of October. The volleyball team is determined to win games this year, grow as a team, and play the sport they love.

The Woodstock Volleyball coach is Coach Audia. If you do not know him, he teaches Health and Team Sports. Coach Audia is determined to make these girls better at the sport. He is preparing them for their college career if that is what they want to do. If they do not plan to play in college, he is making sure they make their last couple of years count. Coach Audia cares a lot about these players and wishes nothing but the best for all of them.


The four 2020 seniors giving it their all for their senior night! Photo credit: Alina Fox


They have three teams this year: freshman, junior varsity, and varsity. They started practice on August 3and right away coaches saw the potential these players have in order to make this season successful.

Katy Krumery (sophomore) said, “I don’t think any one event has affected this season entirely, but at many different practices our team was able to create a bond that really made it feel like a family on the court.”

They always have a positive attitude, and they keep their head up high when they do make a mistake. She also said, “This affected my season because it made me so excited to play and go to practice. I didn’t have to worry about not being good enough or getting picked on if I made a mistake.”

In a senior’s perspective, Neva Clark said, “I think what I am going to miss most about Woodstock volleyball is the girls on the team. I love all those girls and I know when I come back next year and watch them play. I am going to be wishing I could be on the court playing with them again.” Neva started playing in her freshman year, but she has never had the chemistry that this team has.

So, how is Woodstock preparing for the region tournament? Coach Audia said, “We will just continue to work on personal player development at this point in our season. The growth this team has undergone is quite impressive. Practices are so energetic, and uplifting and we will continue to work towards our goal of winning the tournament.”

Side note from Coach Audia: “The seniors this year were such a pleasure to work with. Despite some tough times, they have endeavored to work and leave their mark on the future teams. They have embraced their roles on the team. All four- Lauren. Neva, McKenzie, and Brooke are tremendous young ladies and possess the character this program will be founded on. I miss them already!”   

Neva Clark going in for the block! photo credit: Alina Fox

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