The Cycle of Recurring Fashion Trends

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy

We have all heard the saying, “history repeats itself,” well, apparently so do trends. 

The most popular at the moment are mullets, chunky shoes, flair pants, scrunchies, and bucket hats. All of these trends first appeared in the 1980’s. Why are they coming back now?  

Other decades had recurring trends too. The bell bottom pants first came about in the 1960’s and made their reappearance in the 80’s along with the flat-top haircut, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and high rise jeans.

So, when you think about it, every generation has their fair share of “inspiration” from the previous styles.

“I think that the revival of old trends is good for society, it adds uniqueness that includes everyone,” Brad Bohannan, a sophomore at Woodstock High School said.

Your typical bucket hat.
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What trend from this generation will the next “trend setters” take? Maybe they will wear masks as an accessory and maybe everyone will still be obsessed with a particular color. Hot pink was a big deal in the 80s.

Hopefully they won’t think tiny bags are still a good idea or wearing shoes without socks.

“Scrunchies are good because they are another accessory that can be used to dress up and outfit. Hairstyles should stay in the past, but the clothes are good,” Kylie Aughtman, a student at WHS, said while wearing flair pants. 

Trendy flair pants and chunky shoes.
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With all of this time in quarantine, why are we still stuck in the past with a lot of trends instead of making new ones? No, buying “ugly” shoes just because of the brand does not count.

“I actually really like bucket hats and I think that they are pretty cool. Scrunchies are okay, I mean I don’t have a problem with them and they are better for your hair than regular hair ties. And flair pants, I think are pretty cool and they have a cool vibe, but I just wouldn’t wear them myself,” Carly Boglione, a sophomore at WHS said, 

Trends seem to come back every 20-30 years because the market is saturated with the articles of clothing that make up these styles. Even though the specific pieces of clothing are back in style, people are creating new ways to wear them to enhance the trend a little more. For example, button down shirts. They are being styled under crew necks or corsets for a whole new look. 

How do trends start? Influencers. They look back at the later fashion and mimic it while putting their own spin on it. People see this and think it’s a great idea and it diffuses all the way to our school.

How do trends end? Well, we follow trends because they seem “elite” so when everyone is doing it, the prices go down and no one thinks it is original anymore so they move on.

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