Scarecrow Towne

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle

Downtown Woodstock (DTW) has turned into scarecrow town for the month of October! All the stores in the area have created a scarecrow to represent their store. Visitors come and vote on which scarecrow they think is the best. This is one thing you can do with you in your family while enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

The Primrose Preschool’s scarecrow. BEWARE!

Most people know about the scarecrows, but some people do not know that it is a competition! Each week, the downtown Woodstock visitor center will pick the top 10 scarecrows that the community voted for and they will be posted on their Instagram page.

Some may ask well how do I vote? You can vote by going to the visitor center. There will be buckets with each “store” name on them, and you will put $1 for your vote to count! The store that has gotten on the weekly leaderboard the most will be the 2020 DTW scarecrow winner!! So, go vote for your favorite pumpkin and let the competition begin!

Berkshire Hathaway Properties scarecrow. Tin Man isn’t in Oz anymore.

“I think the scarecrows give downtown a more fall-feel. I also think they give families something to do while they are in DTW and it is a fun was to get into the fall spirit,” said WHS sophomore Emma Price.

Emma has been seen the scarecrows in person and cannot decide which one is her favorite. She has never tried the voting process, but she thinks it is a great way to get involved in the town.

Georgia Baseball Academy scarecrow. PLAY BALL!

“I think the scarecrows look really cool lined up on Main street and I feel like they attract tourist. Although I have not seen them in person, I feel like they do a really good job at decoration their scarecrow and making them unique to their store,” said WHS freshman Landon Broaded. So, even if you cannot see them in person, you can check them out on downtown Woodstock’s Instagram page.

You should go and vote your favorite scarecrow before it is too late!

Update 1: Voting closed Friday, October 30 and the winner was announced on Halloween. In the effort of doing this downtown Woodstock wants to thank everyone for their support and time you take to participate in this type of events. Stay tuned to find out who the winner is! We look forward to everyone participating in the scarecrow fun next year!

Update 2: and the winner of the 2020 Scarecrow Invasion was PRIMROSE SCHOOLS OF BELLS FERRY AND SIXES ROAD! In 2nd place was Robert Fitzgerald Insurance company and in 3rd place was Lights Up Entertainment! Congratulations to these winners! They have received a trophy and will have the opportunity to choose any spot to put their scarecrow next year!

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