The Diversity Club: A New Chapter of Woodstock High School

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen

Woodstock High School has added several new after school programs for students in recent years, all with unique and interesting missions, but one this year stands out: The Diversity Club. The idea was hatched at the beginning of this school year,after revolutionary conversations and thoughts were shared over the summer about diversity at Woodstock; and the world as a whole. 

Photo Credit: Diversity Club Instagram (@diversityclubwhs). The Diversity Club prides itself on being an inclusive space for all where no students face discrimination or hate.

The creation of the club was a group effort of teachers, and now club sponsors, Coach Tate-Leslie and Ms. Doyoun, various students around the school, and junior Tracy Muhia, who founded and acts as president of the club. 

This club focuses on encouraging diversity in all facets of life, starting in the school so it can carry over into the real world. The importance of diversity is explained by Coach Tate-Leslie as it is something that helps us understand others different than us and that people “can only grow when we accept and embrace the differences of others, instead of forcing assimilation and sameness.” This is reflected in the encouraging messages for the promotion of diversity at Woodstock to bring students together. 

The leadership team is composed of a variety of students across all branches of life that have come together to help Tracy and the sponsors make the club a reality. Students who had interestand wanted to contribute to the club and its mission were chosen for this task. Zoë Allen, a junior and member of the leadership team, explains that her drive to be a part of the club came from her belief that diversity is important and the club allowed her an outlet to express her opinions in a “civil way” while joining with “other people to learn about their experiences while also educating” others about her own. 

The Diversity Club strives to promote inclusivity, awareness, and diversity at Woodstock High School, and to foster an environment where students and staff can discuss multi-cultural issues that impact them and those around them. Coach Tate-Leslie describes that when initially creating the club, she was driven by several key factors. 

In regard to these factors she elaborated below: “To be honest, in every school I’ve ever worked in I’ve always been involved in some type of diversity work/effort. As a Black woman, I’ve always worked in majority White spaces. As such, many of those spaces desired to improve in how to create that space as more inclusive. I’ve always volunteered. Additionally, my Master’s work was in gender and ethnic diversity. If I were to say what I’m most passionate about it would be this. Lastly, considering the racial climate of America right now it only seemed fitting that I join Tracy in her vision for the club and to help her and the group see it through.” This mission to continuously create and foster uniqueness and change in the surrounding community drives the club at every meeting through the collaboration of both students, teachers, and administrators. 

The club’s meetings have been mainly conducted virtually through video calls in Google Meets, having the clubs’ sponsors, officers, and members take part in interactive discussions that are meant to fuel healthy conversations about diversity with the assistance of current topics and events. The Diversity Club welcomes all students to their meetings which are held on varying Wednesdays with an access link on the club’s social media page.

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