Never too Early to Take Care of Your Health

Staff Writer: LJ Galbreath

In the world health is one of the most important things when it comes to life. Health involves everything inside our bodies that allows us to live.

Lungs are the reason we’re able to breath, eyes give us the ability to see, tongue is for taste, hands are for touch, and ears are for hearing sounds. All these things are a part of health because we need to take care of our body as best as we can so we can live longer.

“I think that all people should take care of their health as much as they can because health is very important,” said Jeff Bradley.

Another thing that humans deal with that involves health is our mental health. We must take care of our mental health as much as our physical health. Ways to take care of our mental health involves getting a good amount of sleep, don’t be on electronics all day, go outside to get your mind off things, and try watching or doing things that make you happy rather than sad or angry.

For many generations in the world. Most people do not take care of their health at an early age. A lot of kids/ teenagers eat and a lot of unhealthy items and some even make additional unwise health decisions which can have an even larger effect. Some, when they become adults, then start to take care of their selves in a better manner. Then, there are some people who wait too long to start taking care of their health. Of course, there are those who do not take care of their health at all, which can cause major issues and even a premature death in some cases.

“I think that if people take care of themselves and exercise more then their body will at least be in an okay state,” according to Germaine Phillips.

Diseases and sicknesses can travel through children way faster than it can in adults. The reason why is because little kids tend to put a lot of stuff in their mouth or touch their eyes when their hands are dirty. For an example when toddlers go to daycare a lot of toys there are not always cleaned by the owners which causes the toys to be dirty.

There are at least five traits to health, and you should take care of each. 

You should take care of your mental health as well. 

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