Anyone Can Take Part in Reducing Pollution

Staff Writer: LJ Galbreath

Throughout history, humans have been known to ruin the world’s atmosphere. People have ruined the atmosphere by smoking, manufacturing plants, exhaust fumes, or just littering on land and in seas to name a few. Many humans have tried and are still trying to clean up the mess we have made on Earth. Unfortunately, many are still making the world a dirtier place. For an example, some people don’t care whether the world is dirty or not and rather leave the mess to someone else rather than clean it up their selves.

Jacob Miller said, “I do believe that anyone can help decrease pollution and that anyone can easily clean up after their selves if they at least tried.”

There are people in the world who are very offend with people littering and smoking in public or anywhere. There are people where if they see a mess or trash just on the side of the road or they’ll pick it up to make the world a slightly cleaner place. And then there are some people that go out boating just to clean pollution and trash out of the water to make it a safer place for sea creatures.

There can be many ways to reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. Examples are reducing the number of trips you make in your car, reduce the number of times you use your fireplace or stove, and avoid burning stuff such as leaves trash or other materials.

More ways to reduce pollution are turning off the lights when you’re not using them, recycle and reuse, do not smoke or at least smoke less, and always clean up after yourself.

Gavin Shouldlock said, “I think that people should always clean up after their selves and at least pick-up trash if they see it and throw it away in a nearby trash can or something.”

Things that cause water pollution are dumping waste into the ocean and putting radioactive waste into the ocean as well. Students can reduce pollution by bike riding or walking to nearby locations instead of driving to them, recycling stuff that we can find reusable, and spend more time outside instead of using electricity.

In modern day society we increase pollution way more than we would in the past because everyone is one the internet, some people use way more electricity and water in the house than they need to, and people do not go outside to exercise as much as before anymore, which increases pollution in the first place.

When people become too careless. This photo shows how bad not cleaning up after yourself or not having the pleasure of cleaning up trash you find.

Photo Credit: Mongabay

In some parts of the water, it’s way worse than other parts. In some parts of the world the water can be so dirty and so untaken care of that you can easily tell it is dirty water.

Photo Credit: NRDC

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