How People Became Thankful For 2020

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy

Throughout our 2020 journey, people have had a lot of extra free time and are using the opportunity to learn things that they never would have had the time to learn. A lot of people have been baking, tie-dying, scrolling through TikTok, buying pets, and dying their hair. 

Even though this year has been difficult for many, people are constantly finding new ways to spread some light on the situation. People are calling their families more and bonding with them. I asked some of my family members how they have become thankful for 2020. 

My aunt, Monica Villasenor said, “I was able to paint the interior of my house, take my pup for walks in the neighborhood, grow a garden, and bake bread!” 

Some people picked up new/old hobbies. Brad Bohannan, a sophomore at Woodstock High School, has a highlight reel on Instagram called, “Coronacooking.” He said, “I’ve been baking and cooking for many years now, but I have advanced my creations this past year. I loved making dumplings, cream puffs, bread, soups, and pasta.” 

Cream puffs made by Brad Bohannan that he posted on his Instagram story.

Not only has our community been thankful for this year by being creative, but they have also used 2020 as a time to take care of themselves and re-charge. I know that pretty much every kid in Woodstock High School caught up on some sleep and were able to focus on their mental health. 

Teresa Villasenor, another aunt of mine, said, “I have always made things for people I love, but this year put that in overdrive. I am thankful for this year teaching me that my capacity to stitch or bake love into everyday things is more than I had expected.” 

Sophie Gaudette, a student at WHS mentioned, “I believe people became thankful for the things they lost. I have lost many people and things and I will always be grateful for what I still have.” 

Especially with all of the lost opportunities this year it is important to use the resources that you have to communicate and confide in friends and family through technology. Social media influencers have been very active on their accounts and they love to show us how they have been keeping busy. 

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Face masks that Teresa Villasenor made for a birthday party.

As I personally look back on all the missed events, the tennis tournaments, the trip to Spain with my grandma, the Thanksgiving in Texas, the weddings, the birthday parties, I can’t help but still feel a sense of sadness. Yet, I can also stop and realize how much fun I had with my family, meeting up with friends to play tennis, playing games and watching all the old 80’s movies my mom made us watch!  

Things just slowed down, gone were the crazy days of getting home from school, rushing to tennis, coming home eating dinner and doing homework, and getting to bed late.  My days slowed down, I helped my mom with dinners, played tennis in the street, went on walks with my twin sister, threw the football with my dad, and spent a lot of time treating myself to at-home “spa days.”  I will forever be thankful for this time.

We all want things to get back to “normal.” But I hope that we don’t ever forget the things that we learned to do, bake, create, and share. I hope that this thanksgiving you were able to realize all of the things you were thankful for despite 2020 and all of its quirks. 

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