Africa Has Less Covid-19 Deaths than Other Countries; How Come?

Staff Writer: Victoria Carter

Compared to the rest of the world, Sub-Saharan Africa has seemingly been less affected the pandemic than other countries.

Why is that?

Even though northern Africa has seen a major growth in the pandemic over time, the people are still wondering why southern Africa seems to have less of a distress about Covid or Covid-related complications.

Photo Credit: John Hopkins University & Medicine Map
Southern Africa is doing a whole lot better than countries up north, good precautions are being taken about this pandemic

Many researchers and reporters claim that one of the reasons could have been their government, and the rapid response they received. The government noticed the virus and the pandemic earlier. So as a result, health organizations within Southern Africa started to study the transmissible disease and 40 African countries shut down their borders to prevent the spread of Covid.

Joliet Magaña explained how southern Africa uses regulations to help with slowing the spread of Covid. She stated, “Africa’s regulations and rules followed the six-foot distance rule and medications that was related to the virus helped out the people.”

Yoleth Lopez claims how Africa has less covid from regulations too. She discussed, “Africa has less Covid (cases) than others mostly by having everyone take the vaccine and self-quarantine although it’s extremely hard since work, school, etc.”

Although more social and other health issues arise during and after lockdowns, most Covid cases decreased over time. Therefore, few citizens have received/died from Covid within south African countries.

Another reason for the reduction of Covid or Covid-related deaths in southern Africa is because according to studies of the area. The age demographics show that the elderly (65 years or older) are more likely to have the virus and the death would be much faster than younger citizens.

In fact, most of Africa’s population is filled with youth. According to sources, the average age of the citizen(s) in southern Africa is between 17-19 years of age, and there aren’t a lot of elderly citizens in Africa; only 5-8 precent are residents in Africa. Therefore, that helps slow the spread of Covid.

Southern Africa also has a climate that also reduced the virus dramatically. In the summertime, the virus drastically dropped due to the warmer temperature which means that there is less humidity in the air. Although during winter, the temperature was low and there was humidity in the air which caused the virus to thrive and flourish throughout the southern part of Africa.

Photo Credit: Danny J.
Africa seems extremely hot even during winter. The temperatures may be a bit cooler during winter, but are mostly the same all year round.

Mohammad Sajadi, a lead researcher, claimed, “We looked at the early spread [of the virus] in 50 cities around the world. The virus had an easier time spreading in lower temperatures and humidity.”

Sajadi claims that if the temperature is low and if there is humidity involved, the virus will show growth and it will potentially spread throughout much faster and easier than in hot weathers, which slows the spread and terminate half of the virus.

Additionally, South Africa has better health systems than any other parts of Africa. Some of this is due to Africa previously dealing with Ebola, HIV, Polio, and other forms of deadly viruses. From their past mistakes, they are more prepared on what to do to overcome the virus and they are re-teaching the new generations about the new health guidelines provided by many health organizations around the world.

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