Dangerous Wildfires in Seven States

Staff Writer: Yareli Del Valle

Thousands have been forced to leave their homes prior to the wildfires in seven western states. The areas the wildfires are taking place in are California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. These states are currently under air quality alerts due to thick smoke covering communities. The smoke is expected to stay around the area, especially in portions of the intermountain, and the Great Basin.

“I think for the rest of this week, it looks like the smoke might be a problem for everyone living in the area,” Jason Cecala says.

NWS has advised those living in Oregon to stay indoors, due to high smoke levels. In the Oregon alert.

“The smoke in the air looks very dangerous, and I do think that it is smart to stay inside, especially when there are under air quality alerts, Any citizens who live in the area may be in risk,” said Joanna Olivares.

President Biden has approved a Presidential Disaster Declaration for California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom, who requested it. More federal resources will help support through firefighter efforts. The federal aid will go to communities affected by the Dixie and River Fires, Placer and Plumas counties will also be included in the federal aid.

Photo Credit: CNN
The raging fire spreading across California causing a state of emergency.

Federal aid will support in areas including medical services, recovery costs, and house assistance. The Dixie Fire has been burning for more than a month and is the second largest fire in state history.

Officials have warned citizens in these areas to be ready to evacuate when it becomes necessary. So far, a total of 37,282 citizens have been asked to evacuate statewide. Evacuations have been ordered in Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, and Nevada, while firefighters try to stop the fire from reaching the Forested security zone at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

A total of 132 firefighters are currently still working on putting out the flames, and it is 95 percent contained at the moment. The fire burned about 1,503 acres northeast of Big Bear City, and 1,598 acres northwest of Los Angeles, and was only 60 percent contained as of late August.

Photo credit: The Star News
The California fire causes many to evacuate their homes and burning approximately 2,000 acres of land

In California, the education officials are beginning to raise money for schools that have been affected by the wildfires. A total of 61 schools have closed due to evacuation orders across the state of California. Some elementary schools are still under warning, and plan on opening back up when all evacuation orders are uplifted. If schools have not opened by Sept. 7, they are planning on implementing virtual learning

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