Woodstock Events are Back!

Staff Writer: Taylor Clifton  

Thankfully, there are many events happening in and around Woodstock this year! Due to Covid protocols, there was not that many events to go to in 2020!  

Well, this year they are opening your mind to many and new exciting events! Here is a look at a few of those events… 

In Downtown Woodstock, on Sept. 9, Electric Avenue is playing at MadLife stage. They will be performing from 7:30-9 pm. This will be on a Thursday, so don’t stay out too late! I’ve never heard them play, but I bet they bring a crowd when they play so get there a little early for the band. You don’t wanna be all crowded while you’re jamming out. 

On Sept. 11, MadLife will host an ‘84-A Van Halen Tribute band from 7-8:30 pm. You can enjoy the band and great food. This one will probably be really interesting to go to. Who doesn’t love 80s music? Rhetorical question. You know you do. 

“Get off the metro, stay retro.”

Johnathan Kidd, Manager at Guston’s

Also, (on Highway 92) Guston’s is having a themed 80s day for their karaoke night. They do a themed karaoke Friday once every month, so don’t miss out. They encourage you to dress up with the rest of the staff! This will take place Friday, Sept. 17 at 9 pm.  

Photo Credit: Desiree Thompson
70’s Beauty Queens!

On Sept. 18, The 24th Annual Woodstock Summer Concert is happening. This will be on Highway 92 at 11:30 pm. This should be a lot of fun if you’re a night person. Just relaxing and listening to music is so much fun anyways. Why not go to a concert? Also on Sept. 18, is when they are supporting our military heroes. Don’t forget to show your support for our heroes of America! This will be on a Saturday at 9 am.  

If you’re interested in running and enjoy doing 5ks, here’s your chance to do one. On Oct. 2, the “Run, Walk or Roll” 5k is going to be held. This will be on Towne Lake. The start time is 10 am. If you want to run this will be a great time for you as well. This will be held at First Baptist Church Woodstock parking lot. This event serves as a fundraiser for people with special needs. Go and support and run if you can! 

“You’re only a friend once.”

Desiree Thompson, Server

This is a little later down the road, but on Oct. 30th, from 7:30-9:30 pm, the Lantern series is performing at the Woodstock Arts Theater. They have a place on their website where you purchase your ticket online. You probably need to buy your ticket ahead of time.  

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