A New Opportunity

Staff Writer: Emme Ganster

From a small farming community in South Dakota to Friday night lights in Atlanta, Coach Hoff’s life has been a journey fueled by his passion for life and for the game of football. Last spring, this journey led Hoff to accept a position as Woodstock High School’s new football coach. Troy Hoff is an extraordinary man whose life choices have led him to this great opportunity.  

Photo Credit:  Woodstock High School – twitter  
New Woodstock football coach, Troy Hoff’s, first official picture as a head coach. 

Coach Hoff has been married to his wife, Teresa, for 23 years and has two children, Tiana, a sophomore in college, and Ty, a freshman here at Woodstock High School. In his free time, Hoff finds joy in golfing and spending time with his family. Although Coach Hoff did not mind the academic aspect of school growing up, his favorite part of high school was definitely participating in sports. He believes that experiences like the participation in sports have shaped him and guided him throughout his life. 

After high school, Coach Hoff attended Northern State University and played college football.  Playing football at Northern State University in South Dakota was the start of a passion and longing to coach.  

Before accepting the job as Woodstock High School’s head football coach, Hoff was a coach at Eastside High School in Covington, Georgia. Although he enjoyed coaching in Covington and did so for 16 years, Hoff says he transitioned to Woodstock because “It is a great community full of opportunities.” 

Hoff’s goal for the future of Woodstock High School’s football program is to use the competition of the sport to build the character of the players and to encourage them and guide them to be prepared for the life awaiting them after high school. As a coach, Hoff strives to instill in his players the importance of attitude, effort, character, and commitment.   

Photo Credit: Covington News  
Troy Hoff coaching on the sidelines at an Eastside football game. 

Varsity captain Alex Hendricks states, “He doesn’t focus on one player, he focuses on all. He is very hard on the team because it’s what he expects of us, but he is very loving.”  

When asked what advice he would give to any high school student, Coach Hoff said he would encourage students to work hard and give it your all. “Take advantage of the opportunities given to you. There’s a short window in high school, so make the most of it,” he says.  

Everything that Hoff has achieved and accomplished in his life by working hard himself has led him to a place where he can now give back by pouring into the students at Woodstock.  

Remembering that teens can use all competition in general, and in sports specifically, to develop stronger character will help Woodstock students to win in life. Following Coach Hoff’s advice to make the most out of every moment and experience will lead not only to increased individual opportunities but undoubtedly to new opportunities for Woodstock High School as a whole. 

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