Weather and Sports: Mother Nature Does Not Like Softball

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle

Woodstock softball season is here! The softball season started this month, and we could not be happier! After scorching summer training and rained out practices, the games have officially started. Despite the weather complications this year our season is off to a great start!  

Photo Credit: Karen Reed  
The crowd goes wild after 1-0 win over the team from down the street!  

Summer Weather 

We have had remarkably interesting weather this year! Ranging from 98 degrees all the way down to the low 60s, this year’s weather has been crazy. Also, where did all this rain come from? Going from scorching hot to humid and rainy, the weather has definitely been a struggle this season. With weather like this, it has caused many cancellations and make ups for this season. In total we have already cancelled Creekview’s game twice due to weather, Roswell twice from lightning, and Milton once for the tropical storm.  

Season Thus Far  

The Lady Wolverines might not have the record they wanted, but it is hard to play an outside sport when Mother Nature decides to throw curveballs at you. The varsity record is 1-3 (excluding the game from Thursday) counting non-region games. Our junior varsity team is 1-3 as well.  

We also had a big twist to our softball program this year. Varsity head coach Alex Gray welcomed a baby boy into his life and is currently out of commission for the next couple of weeks. A special congratulation to him and his family. Coach Gray said, “This team has what it takes even if I am not there to witness it myself. I trust this coaching staff and the girls know how to perform.”  

Player Profile  

The Lady Wolverines player profile is on Molly Wiggins. She is a senior this year and has been playing softball for most of her life. Molly has been playing with Coach Gray for all four years of her high school career. She has been awarded many different awards for her outstanding performance on the mound.  

“I love playing this sport with my best friends and with the best coaches. I’ve played with most of these girls for all four of my years and we have bonded together to make this team the best we possibly can.”  

Molly, along with many other seniors, say that they are going to miss the chemistry of the team the most when they leave Woodstock High School. Molly throws many diverse types of pitches, but some of her bests are curve, outside fastball, and drop!  

Photo Credit: Karen Reed  
Ballers dancing in utility room because of lightning delay!  

What’s Coming Up 

The rest of this season the softball team has regional games and post-season games left. Junior varsity has regular season games and a regional tournament at the end of the season. Depending on the weather, varsity has 10 games left and junior varsity has seven, including tournament games. The softball team tends to perform much better when there is a crowd in the stands, so bring the loudspeakers and blowhorns to the next game and cheer on your Lady Wolverines!

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