Woodstock Boys Lacrosse Ready to Build on Sweet Sixteen Run

Staff Writer: Peyton Schroeder

The Woodstock Boys Lacrosse team is about to start their 2022 season following last season’s Sweet Sixteen playoff run. There are many stars returning this season to hopefully make an even deeper playoff run, several players have changed positions to help better the team, and this season will also be the first season with head coach Mason Wren. 

In preparation for this season, Woodstock Boys Lacrosse has been holding conditioning sessions for about two months now to get all the boys in shape for the season. The conditioning sessions were intense with many of the boys losing their lunch at least one time. Along with the conditioning, the team would take it upon themselves to have passing sessions after conditioning without the coach there to better themselves. At these passing sessions the seniors would lead the team in the drills that would be used. 

There are several star players returning to play this season. On the offensive side, Benji Shackleford, Joey Amatulli, Riley O’Connor, and Ryan Capozzi are going to be the returning starters. On the defensive side, Mike Jensen, Brayden Callahan, Cam Autry, Jordan Spegal, and Nick Evans are the returning starters. 

Senior Cal Breitbart said, “Watch out for sophomore Riley O’Connor. He is going to be a very good player.” 

For the first few games the team may be missing Benji and Nick due to their possible state wrestling run. Once they return to the lacrosse field the team will be greatly appreciative. There are also many players shifting around positions to open up opportunities that were not previously there. These moves will help balance the number of players at each position so the team will always have a fresh set of legs ready to go if someone is needing a break.

Coach Wren’s first season as head coach seems like it is going to be a very exciting one. Many of the players are very happy and excited to be led by Wren due to them playing on his travel teams since they were in middle school. Goalie Noah Setter said, “I cannot wait to start playing games this season under Wren he is a very inspiring coach during games.” 

The team has also taken on a new defensive coach, Sean Dever. Dever was a college goalie and then coach at Young Harris College. This addition was a great one since many of the boys have played for Devers previously on summer teams. These relationships should help the players and coach achieve the common goal of winning this season.

This season will surely be a fun one for the boys. The team has 18 seniors, so there will be purpose behind them in every game that is played. The brotherhood also seems to be very strong this season. This will be a great last season for many of the senior and a great learning season for many of the younger players.

Last season’s first round playoff win over Evans.
The team prepares to go to war with the hype man in the front.

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