The Life Behind the Scenes of Emily Jacobs 

Staff Writer: Ximena Rojas  

Emily Jacobs was born in Woodstock, Georgia, on November 16, 2007. She is enrolled here at Woodstock High and is currently taking all Honors courses. Emily is in her freshman year, class of 2026.  Her favorite subjects are Math and English Literature. She is very organized and always on top of turning her assignments in. For her to achieve her future goals she wants to continue being an honors student for the rest of her high school year for her to get into her dream college.  

When it comes to her grades and her responsibilities, her parents are there for her to make sure she’s on top of things. She says her parents are strict with her when it comes to schoolwork, but she uses it as motivation to keep going. If her grades weren’t in good condition, she would have to stop basketball for the time being.   

Photo Credit: Emily Jacobs 
Prepared to cheer off the 7th grade Woodstock Football team

Emily plays basketball as one of her hobbies. She also loves to bake, hang out with friends, and exercise as well but her main focus is basketball. She has played ever since she was 8 years old. In middle school she played on feeder teams for Woodstock and her travel team, Wood Elite. She also did Woodstock track and cheered throughout middle school. She likes to get involved in athletics and likes to be activ

She is currently playing another travel season with Wood Elite (a women’s AAU program). The AAU season started mid-February and is still going. Her team consists of other freshmen including a few that also go to Woodstock. One of the players on her team that goes to Woodstock is Cameron S. Who is also a freshman, class of 2026. 

Emily and Cameron have created a strong bond through basketball, and both help each other get better in some flaws they have had in basketball.  She is dedicated to playing for the school team and working hard to make varsity. She is a really dedicated player and has big dreams for her future. 

“Everything happens for a reason,” a simple, yet effective, reminder for Jacobs.  

Photo Credit: Emily Jacobs 
Emily ending the game with an amazing lay-up.

What really inspired her to play was her dad. She found a passion for basketball one day and ever since then she has never stopped. Her dad pushes her to do better every day keeping his stern attitude to hopefully encourage her more. She also sees Paige Bueckers as her basketball idol. She plays basketball for UCONN women’s basketball. She looks up to her and wants to be as successful as her when the time comes. 

Down below is a list of dream colleges she would want to attend to pursue basketball (not in order) 


2. University of South Carolina  

3. Stanford University  

4. UNC  

5. Duke University  

6. University of Louisville  

7. UGA

Emily Jacobs has lots of goals she wants to achieve. She is a very bright and open-minded person. If she had to pick her number 1 she would go to Duke. She wants to go D1 and wants to be the person younger basketball players look up to just how she looks up to Paige Bueckers.  

Emily’s motto, “Never stop working hard until you’re a step closer to success.”  

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