WHSMB: Sailing to a Stadium Near You!

Staff Writer: Emily Hammond

Woodstock High School’s Marching Band has been working all summer long to bring a pirate themed halftime show to football stadiums. They’ve worked more than eight hours a week over the past three and a half months leading up to preforming on the football field in front of an audience.

With the color guard by their side, the first show will be on Friday, August 26, during halftime of the first home game against Hiram High School.

Woodstock High School takes Marching Band very seriously. Each member has constantly been working to perfect the show. Their main goal is to compete at three competitions this October and score well.

Photo Credit: Woodstock Marching Band Instagram
Students rehearsing during Band Camp 2022 in the blazing sun

Many people wonder how these students manage to balance rehearsal and schoolwork, all while trying to rest and be prepared for the next day to come.

“I feel physically unprepared. Some days I’m looking forward to it, but I get exhausted after practice is over. And after practice I just go home and review what we learned,” Abby Cosgrove, a sophomore clarinet player, says. Marching band is not all fun and games, but the payoff must be worth it.

Sophomore Christian Beswick, who plays the bass drum, describes his schedule after a regular rehearsal day: “I come home, unwind a little, but I have to go back to work eventually, even if I don’t want to.”

The work schedule is brutal, but without all the hours and dedication, the show wouldn’t be as good. Putting in the time and effort to maintain good grades and give a quality performance each show requires self-discipline.

Hard work and self-discipline are also vital when throwing flags and rifles into the air. The color guard will be performing alongside the marching band. They will be bringing elegance and beauty tied in with sass and boldness as they portray pirates while they perform the show that they had lots of involvement bringing together.

Color guard captain, Ananya Ramanand, and the team recover after a brutal run through of the beginning of their show.

Color guard has fun aspects, and, according to many of the members, it acts as an emotional and creative outlet. With aspects of dance, technique, and diligence, their performance could be one of the most rewarding.

Senior, and four-year veteran of color guard Paige Chambers explains her favorite part about performing: “Definitely connecting with the audience! You have to use facial expressions and emotions in order to tell the story, and so it’s an amazing feeling when the audience can feel the power of the story, too.”

Performing in front of an audience if you lack costumes, makeup, and facial expressions can lead to not making an impression on the people in the stands. For competitions, which the Woodstock High School Marching Band and color guard will be attending in October, this is not a good look to judges. It is important to be projecting upwards, smiling, and having confidence in each movement when under pressure and in front of an audience.

Being in color guard or marching shoulder by shoulder with the band opens opportunities to meet new people and make memories. The Woodstock High School Marching Band continues to expand each year and are always welcoming to people who are interested.

Photo Credit: Kate Salvino
WHS color guard showing section spirit during week 2 of band camp.

Anyone who has the chance should join the color guard or marching band. As Christina Tannenbaum, one of the captains of the color guard this year, says, “…it’s an amazing environment with amazing people and friendships that you’ll have for life. You’ll have built in best friends and a whole support group at your disposal. You learn so much and experience things that other people will never get to experience. It’s truly an amazing thing to get into, and it’s made my high school experience very memorable.”

Be sure to watch the half time show during varsity football games to see these students’ hard work pay off!

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