Consistency is Key 

Staff Writer: Kevin Mitchell 

The offseason and draft that the NFL had was bound to set up some mix-ups in the fantasy football world. Across the league, the unexpected was happening. Things like the Giants having gone 2-0 for the first time in years and the Bills looking like serious Super Bowl contenders. Fantasy through the first few weeks has had an up and down trend with some players getting 25+ points for the week and then dropping to 8 points by the next week. Watching the games, there are a lot of players that are doing very well for the start of the year but are they worth picking up in fantasy? That is the question plaguing the fantasy football world. The most logical way to think about fantasy is who is going to provide the most consistency per week. Who can be trusted to provide you with points per game per week without question. 


  1. Josh Allen 
  1. Jalen Hurts 
  1. Lamar Jackson 

Honorable mention: Justin Herbert 

Justin Herbert is a star. Week after week he has been consistent even while having an injury scare. He is easily in the comparison conversation with the top 3 and in fact might even be in front of Jalen Hurts. The best thing to consider when looking at who to draft is consistency. Hurts has a higher rating, but Herbert is the one who is more consistent per week. Everyone knows what to expect out of Jackson and Allen per week, but Hurts is a variable that might not be worth the risk.  

Justin Herbert on the run out of the pocket for a touchdown throw vs. Kansas City Chiefs  
Photo Credit: Cooper Neill  


This position has no real shocks the top guys for to build the fantasy league around is Johnathan Taylor, Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, Christian McCaffery and Saquan Barkley who are making their return to the league. These guys are people to build a fantasy team around. One standout guy is Cordarrelle Patterson. He is a sleeper pickup as the Falcons utilize him in many aspects of the game plan from rushing to catching. He is a go to scorer per game if these main guys aren’t on the table, Patterson is the way to go.  


The best wide receiver in the NFL is Stefon Diggs without a doubt. Even if DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t on suspension, Stefon Diggs would be the best. Through the first few weeks of action, Diggs is already at 4 touchdowns. His career best was last season with 10 touchdowns. The projection for him has skyrocketed and his value is amongst someone that one might want to pick up with a very early pick in fantasy drafts. Following him up is the silent killer in Cooper Kupp who needs no explanation after last season. Two players that would be a great move keeping consistency in mind, Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase. The young guys have proved their worth and are easily a smart go to option when looking at that draft board.


The Falcons are a team that has tremendous potential. All they need is to cash in on that potential and one way to do so is getting the ball into the star tight end in Kyle Pitts. He has been a breakout star for the Falcons and has a legitimate argument at being above George Kittle. Everyone is going to go after Travis Kelce but there is a sleeper pick who flies relatively under the radar and that is Mark Andrews. Consistent out guy for Lamar who is an amazing QB and on the list of consistent players to pick up. 

Kyle Pitts making a one-handed grab just before stepping out of bounds last season vs Dolphins 
Photo Credit: Sam Navarro/ USA Today Sports 

DEF and K  

Defense is a picky one as it varies per week. No defense has been truly consistent through the first few weeks. Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers are the go-to defensive strategies for this season. Defense doesn’t gain many points, but it could be a quick out for points if the week is very close. As for kickers, they also aren’t a big point making position but Evan McPherson, Justin Tucker, and Younghoe Koo are consistent and automatic when it comes to kicking and the best options on the board at the position.  

Nathan Cain, Woodstock High School senior and yearly fantasy player said, “First pick with every fantasy I participate in, I’m taking Johnathan Taylor no hesitation.” Another avid fantasy player and Woodstock High School senior, Mark May said, “The best route to go is to build your team around the running back position. I like to build around Nick Chubb or Derrick Henry every year and then go to the tight end position because it is limited and then wide receivers. By this point the quarterbacks are making it up towards the top of the draft and that is the time to pick up a solid quarterback.” 

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