Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Staff Writer: Maya Walstead 

There have been so many things that have happened since I got to high school. From Covid to the uproar of Queen Elizabeth II dying, it feels like we’ve changed so much. So, what could I possibly say that would make a difference?

So, my words of advice for Woodstock High School, and people in school everywhere, is to not let fear stop you. I think that after all we’ve been through, we have to start being brave. Like now that there is a vaccine people should start getting it so they can leave their house and not be scared of getting sick. 

Photo Credit: The New York Times. This woman is about to give someone a Covid vaccine. This picture relates to my article because it shows bravery that someone is getting a Covid shot. 

Don’t let fear stop you is an important saying. It is applicable to many parts of people’s lives. Like being successful at your job. Sometimes you’ll have to make a speech in front of people, or you’ll have to talk to someone. But so much good can come out of that, like you can make a new friend, or you could get promoted at your job if you do well for your speech.  

I let fear control me for a long time. But I realized that it wasn’t just affecting me, it was affecting my family. So, I talked to my mom about it, and over time it got better. But sometimes it still controls me.  

Some important things to remember when you feel scared or anxious is to breathe. Now that might sound weird, but if you slow down your breathing it can cause you to feel less anxious. Now if you feel very anxious, then you should run a cold shower or put your head in cold water. This will jump start your immune system and your anxiety should subside.  

So, how has the phrase don’t let fear stop you impacted Woodstock students? 

Emily Hammond says, “This phrase says that I shouldn’t just sit around and cry because of something I don’t want to do.” This phrase has pushed Emily to do things in life she didn’t think she could do before.  

Katelyn Sonntag also says, “It has influenced my life by letting me know that I can be myself around other people.” So, this phrase can also be used to encourage people to be more outgoing.  

Photo Credit: Thought Catalog  These women look outgoing to me because I think one of them is going to surprise the other one with something.  

On website from an article called “6 actors who might just persuade you to quit smoking” says, “When it comes to quitting smoking, who better to motivate you then these famous people who’ve struggled, battled, and overcome the addiction themselves.” Famous people have to much influence over the world. Seeing them go through something like this could inspire so many people.  

So, make improvements on yourself every day, and I guarantee you will love whoever you become. And lastly, never let fear stop you, because you might be stopping yourself from doing something truly amazing.  

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