Relive Stranger Things Like Never Before

Staff Writer: Emily Hammond

Many people want to experience what it was like to live in the 1980s. The fashion, music, people, malls, dialect. For “Stranger Things” fans and anyone else interested, this wish is coming true.

A new interactive experience is opening in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time this October.

Many devoted “Stranger Things” fans are excited to see what is in store at Stranger Things: The Experience.

An event you that won’t be anywhere else, The Experience will be open for the fall of 2022.

It will feature several immersive worlds based on the Netflix series. Pullman Yards, Atlanta will be temporarily transformed into the fictional city Hawkins, Indiana.

Sophomore Kadence White says she would be interested in going to hour-long experience. “Hawkins is my favorite place in Stranger Things. It’s been the place since season one. We’ve been able to watch it grow with the show.”

The experience is also hands on, with a storyline written with the help of the Duffer Brothers, the masterminds behind the incredibly successful show, to make a worth-while experience.

Participants will be able to test their knowledge of “Stranger Things,” and puzzle solving skills while hunting the main non-human antagonist of season 3, the Mind Flayer. Puzzles and tasks are there to be completed to search for the Mind Flayer and defeat it.

At the experience you can visit some of the most recognizable sets, like this one from season one!
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Accurate replicas were made of some of the loved sets, like The Upside Down and the Hawkins Lab. Food and ice cream will be available at Scoops Ahoy and the Palace Arcade, which are a separate part of the adventure.

“Probably the Creel House,” said sophomore Sophia Marcusky, describing which set from the show she would be interested in seeing. “I think that would be a really cool experience because the Creel House is something that the show really revolves around in season four.”

 Caption: Grab a quick bite at Scoops Ahoy, where a fan-favorite character, Steve Harrington, worked in season three!
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Partakers will be able to see some of their favorite characters from the show and live through some of the show’s most well-loved scenes, with immersive sets and storylines to make the fictional story come to life.

“Being able to experience what the characters experienced. Seeing what they saw. Walking around in the atmosphere. Just feeling like the world of Stranger Things is real,” Savanna Vickery, a sophomore, describes what she is looking forward to seeing the most during the event.

Tickets won’t be available for long because there is a limited amount and they are in high demand. The price can range from thirty-five dollars to sixty dollars, so there is a variety of options to figure out which deal sounds best—there is something for everyone to enjoy!

With ticket prices averaging around fifty dollars, it’s worth checking out if you love all things Stranger Things!

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