Four Different Things You Can Do for Halloween

Staff Writer: Emily Hammond

The variety of different Halloween activities is nearly endless. Some people like to trick or treat, while some like to stay at home to watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, or go to parties.

The activities done on Halloween are often picked based on preference. Some people prefer staying at home, while others are excited by the social events around Halloween time.

A popular way to celebrate Halloween is by going to haunted houses. In the Woodstock and metro-Atlanta area there are countless amounts of haunted houses.

They can range from being simple with a few characters, to them being elaborate with a story behind the house. One of the most popular haunted houses in the area is Paranoia in Canton.

Some people enjoy the rush they get when being scared. “I like being scared and going to haunted houses. They don’t really scare me, though. The scariest thing that happened to me was a fake baby fake peed on me once,” says Colin Gunkler, a sophomore.

Decorations were put up at this house when there was company over.

Another common way to celebrate Halloween is by going to a themed party, most of the time it is a costume party. House parties on Halloween are a fun way to celebrate while being with friends.

Other activities can also happen at a house party. There are some more traditional party games like apple bobbing and costume contests, though other, more unique things, can be included to make the party more fun and adapted to the environment.

A different way to celebrate Halloween is by staying home, getting comfortable, and watching all kinds of Halloween movies. Horror, thriller, comedy, drama. The list of genres Halloween movies fall in goes on.

Common steaming apps, such as Netflix and Hulu offer playlists of everyone’s favorite Halloween movies!

This option of celebration is the easiest to do and is relaxing for anyone looking for a less stressful night.

It is easy to just hang out with friends and not have to worry about any outside stress that could be experienced.

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You can never be too old to trick or treat! Everyone loves free candy!

Although this activity is commonly reserved for little kids, trick or treating is still some teens’ favorite thing to do. Costumes and free candy are a strong desire for some people.

Lylah O’Barr, a sophomore said, “Scaring children. My favorite part about Halloween is scaring children. It’s hilarious.”

Most upperclassmen choose to go to Halloween parties. They can get dressed up with friends in matching costumes or rock something solo.

“This year, I’m going as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and my friend is going as the Mad Hatter,” said Paige Chambers, a senior.

Some parties can include doing illegal activities, so if you choose to attend a Halloween party this year, be safe and don’t drink and drive!

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