The Haunted Halloween Door Contest

Staff Writer: Kailyn Henscheid 

One of the best things about fall is Halloween and our school goes all out. Many students have probably seen teachers and students decorating their doors while walking down the halls. From ghosts to bats to Stranger Things, teachers and students have decked out their doors in some really creative ways to celebrate Halloween. 

All these amazing decorations are for the teachers Halloween door contest. Any teacher can participate in the contest just by decorating their door. Students have been known to help teachers decorate their doors and come up with fun new ideas. During this year, a bunch of spectacular doors have been put together! 

The winners of the door contest will be announced Friday the 28th where a panel of secret judges will vote on whose door is the best. There will be 3 different categories the judges are looking for, the scariest, the most innovative design and the door with the most school spirit. The first-place winner will win a free breakfast while there will be 2 other winners as runners-up, and they will receive ribbons on their doors. 

 At the Beginning of the 100 hallway the first few classrooms have teamed up to create a minion theme. Decorated with bats and scary minions, these ones are definitely in the running for first place. 

Ms. Vance and Ms. Ayerbe’s Stranger Things doors. 

These doors are definitely on theme this year. With the release of season 4 of Stranger Things this summer multiple teachers have gone all out creating intricate doors showcasing Vecna, Eleven and Max. These are some of the scariest doors put up throughout the school and will be hard to beat.  

Even the administration and the librarians have joined in on the competition. With the front office featuring a fun Ghostbusters theme and the librarians’ ghosts yelling, “Booooooooks!” 

Teachers have been creative and innovative by adding lights to their door designs. Dania Gonzalez said, “I love these doors it brings back memories from elementary school when teachers decorated their classrooms.” These flickering lights change colors and are always an attention grabber in the busy hallways. 

Another unique door is the crime scene door. Mia Terrado said, “The true crime one is really cool.” With a chalk outline on the ground and famous killers posted on the wall this door design is great. All of the students enjoyed it! 

Located in the 200 hundred hallway is Mrs. Beaton’s Christmas door. 

What’s Buddy the elf doing? It’s Halloween not Christmas! This creative Christmas door design is sure to make people take a second look. 

The meme door is amazing because it’s super funny and relatable to all the students. It should definitely win the category for most school spirit! 

Here are a few more spooky doors to see. 

All of the doors that have been put up look amazing. They are all so unique and different and really get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Thank you to all the teachers and students who helped to decorate the doors in the hallway. Everyone can’t wait to see who wins the door contest! 

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