Thanksgiving: The Aftermath 

Staff Writer: Maddie Williams  

The week back from Thanksgiving break where everyone is trying to make it to Christmas break. These couple of weeks can be a lot of stress for many people. Plus, it can be hard the first couple of days for students to get back into their school habits.  

Once you come back from break you always hear the question, “How was your Thanksgiving?” Or “What was your favorite item at Thanksgiving?” Well, if I had to say my favorite item was the pecan pie. After all, I do not really like thanksgiving food so when the desserts come out, I get all excited. My great aunt makes the best pecan pie. I am still craving it since I left Thanksgiving that day.  

A lot of people travel for thanksgiving break to see family. Other people might take a family trip. I hate traveling during Thanksgiving break since we always have to come back on Thanksgiving Day. Another thing is people who love to shop participate in black Friday. I worked during this busy day. This is the reason we normally come home on Thanksgiving Day since my mom loves to shop. It was slammed the entire day and was very chaotic. At the end of the day, I could not wait to sit down and get off my feet.  

After black Friday there is cyber-Monday for those who do not like to shop in stores. I do not blame those who shop online. These two shopping days lead for people who are already buying Christmas presents for friends and family. It saves a lot of money at the end of the day.  

A lot of people also watch football on Thanksgiving since some teams play. Others like to eat food and then take a long nap after words since the food makes you tired.  

Enough about me, I wanted to hear what our students at Woodstock said their favorite memory or item at thanksgiving was. 

“My favorite meal was definitely the turkey. The only thing thing about the turkey is you have to make sure it’s not dry. If it’s dry I it’s not good, but at least at my thanksgiving the turkey was perfect.” Trevin Holle, a senior at Woodstock.  

“I have a family tradition before we eat dinner which definitely has to be my favorite memory. We go on a family walk and just catch up with each other especially since my uncle from Chicago was in town. Plus it helps us get hungry before we eat.” Juan Parra, a senior at Woodstock.  

Thanksgiving is a holiday where you think about all the things you are thankful for. Many people are just thankful they have food to eat and a house to live under. Others are thankful for a family. It just all depends on the person. My best friend, Alyssa Gray, said she was thankful for friends. Friends can be a huge part in someone’s life especially when you need someone to talk to that’s not a family member.  

There’s so much that goes into Thanksgiving but it’s such a great holiday.  

Scrumptious food that makes everyone happy.  

Photo Credit: Goldbelly  

Smiles while making memories.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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