‘Tis the Season to Watch Christmas Movies 

Christmas is fast approaching, and it is important to have a good list of movies to watch this holiday season. Christmas movies are a great way to get into a positive, joyful mood for the holidays. Watching Christmas movies with friends and family acts as a great bonding activity that many will find enjoyable. 

Staff Writer: Danika Audrey Beaton 

Here are some must watch Christmas movies: 

Photo Credit: Mini Movie Posters. “No matter how different a Who may appear, he will always be welcomed with holiday cheer.”- Cindy Lou Who. 

The Christmas Movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, was directed by Ron Howard, along with starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch. This Christmas movie was released in 2000 and has a score of 49% on Rotton Tomatoes. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a movie that takes place in a small town known as Whoville where the Grinch lives on the outskirts with his dog, Max, on the top of Mount Crumpet. The Grinch is very negative towards the idea of Christmas spirit. A young girl named Cindy Lou Who goes on to invite the Grinch to Christmas events, much to the towns dismay. 

Ashlyn Beaton, a Woodstock Middle School sixth grader, exclaims, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie because I love the way the Grinch eventually gives into the holiday spirit!” 

Photo Credit: Bear Teeth Theatrepub. “I am a cotton-headed ninny muggins!”- Buddy. 

This Christmas movie titled Elf was directed by Jon Favreau and stars Will Ferrell as Buddy the elf. Elf was released in the year 2003 and has a score of 85% on Rotton Tomatoes. This movie depicts the life of a human elf who grew up in the North Pole. Eventually, he finds out he is fully human and has a dad that lives in New York City. Buddy then travels to find his dad, who is on the naughty list, and figures out human life. He even gets a job at Gimbels. This movie shows the life of Buddy the elf and his adventures on finding his new found family.  

Mia Terrado, a Woodstock High School junior, explains, “Elf is absolutely my favorite movie. It is so interesting and always makes me laugh.” 

Photo Credit: Movie Poster Shop. “You’ll shoot your eye out.”- Ralphie. 

A Christmas Story is a family Christmas movie that is directed by Bob Clark and stars Peter Billingsley as nine-year-old Ralphie. This movie was released in 1983 and got a score of 90% on Rotton Tomatoes. Ralphie takes the audience through his experiences of this very special Christmas. Throughout the movie he experiences struggles with bullies, interesting family life, and the Christmas of a lifetime. This movie is so funny and interesting, there is everything from a leg lamp to the Pink Nightmare, soap in the mouth, and changing a tire with the Old Man.  

Liam Hager, a Woodstock High School junior, includes that, “My favorite movie is A Christmas Story because it is a tradition to watch it with my family every year.” 

Photo Credit: Teachers Pay Teachers. “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”- Gangster Johnny. 

The Christmas movie Home Alone is directed by Chris Columbus and stars Macaulay Culkin as eight-year-old Kevin McCallister. Home Alone was released in 1990 and has a score of 67% on Rotton Tomatoes. Kevin comes from a large family consisting of four siblings and they plan on going to Paris France for the holidays. Things then take a turn when Kevin gets left home alone in Winnetka, Illinois. During this time Kevin experiences life on his own and even comes across a messy situation with some criminals. 

Weston Reynolds, a Woodstock High School sophomore, states, “Home Alone is by far my favorite movie because it is so funny watching Kevin live life on his own.” 

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