Pancakes Vs Waffles

Staff Writer: Hailey Heneghan 

It’s an age-old debate on which is better, pancakes or waffles.  Almost everyone has an extraordinarily strong opinion on the subject.  

These both look delicious; how can one be best? Photo Credit: 

The are many similarities between the two.  For example, they are often made from the same batter. They are also both savory often topped with sweet syrup, so why do people have such a strong opinion? Well opinions can give a sense of control and help people feel certain. And some people definitely need that after a weird dream. 

So, which one is truly better? Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Waffles are crunchy and convenient, due to having frozen versions such as Eggo.  However, pancakes are soft and can be shaped however you want.  

Waffles can only be made in a waffle iron, which is only used for making waffles. So, if you don’t have much space in your kitchen, maybe an extra appliance isn’t necessary. However, Due to having a special iron, all your waffles will be the same size. 

Taylor Mason, a Woodstock High School freshman, says, “Waffles. They have built in pocket for syrup. Other than that, it’s the same as a pancake.” 

Pancakes are made in your average pan, that can be used for other things, and on top of that you can choose what size you want for a pancake. However, it won’t always be a perfect circle.  

Now if you like a bit of crunch to your breakfast, the waffle is the obvious choice, however if you like soft things, then pancakes are for you. While they taste very similar, they can also be topped with many things. These include syrup, fruits, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. Most people who top it with fruits prefer waffles because the little holes can perfectly hold fruits. 

However, Pancakes can easily have those same fruits mixed into the batter. Furthermore, syrup doesn’t pool on top of it. While waffles often have an uneven distribution of things like butter because of the pockets, you can easily spread butter because of the flat surface of a pancake. 

According to Aaron Omana, a Woodstock high school freshman, pancakes are best because,” it is easier to be healthy when you use syrup. Also, they are easier to make!”  

Pancakes vs Waffles, who will win? Photo Credit: 

Ivy Lamar, a Woodstock High School freshman, says, “WAFFLES. TEXTURE. NOM NOM NOM.” 

According to, “At the beginning of the French Revolution Thomas Jefferson left his position as the minister of France and returned to the U.S.A, he brought back with him a waffle iron and because of this “waffle frolics” or waffle parties were invented. A waffle party was an event where guests could enjoy waffles sweetened with maple syrup or molasses, or they could have them savory with kidney stew. This savory treat eventually evolved into a southern favorite now known as: chicken and waffles.”  

So, while pancakes date back 3,500 years, waffles probably have a cooler backstory. No matter which you think is better, remember that by all means of measurements, they end in a tie. 

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