Odd Jobs that Work 

Staff Writer: Gia Gunderman 

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what they do as a career? There are many jobs around the world that some don’t even know about, instead of the mainstream highly populated jobs like doctors, mechanics, literary writers and such; what about those that we didn’t even know you could do for money? Here are just a few jobs that exist that maybe you could get into one day.  

“Who would have ever known?” Photo Credit: Vecteezy 

A paranormal guide is one that lead tours through haunted homes, castles and mansions; this spooky job doesn’t just give you a sense of adventure, wonder and maybe a bit of unease, but it also pays pretty well, generally paranormal guides can make around $30-$40 an hour exploring these mystery cases. If you want to get involved, it has the guides to take about a 4–6-week course then you can begin your spooky adventure.  

Milking snakes, yes, you read that right, Milking snakes is a job that involves milking the venom out of a snake for pharmaceutical companies, zoos, and academic research institutions. The reason for milking a snake is so that medical facilities can create an anti-venom antidote due to people living in highly populated areas that have a great population of venoms snakes, generally in Africa and India, that die due to being bit and there being no way to save them. This job pays anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 a month.  

Dog food testers, almost every household you can think of has some kind of pet, whether the kids wanted it, or a stray has just decided to leave its mark and choose its owners; there are companies passionate enough about their craft to think about how it tastes for our fur babies. Dog food testers are used to ensure that the food we feed to our dogs is of high quality and tastes great. These workers generally make about $40,000 a year. 

Professional cuddler, these cuddly workers offer comfort to people who feel lonely, depressed, have medical issues or have suffered severe past traumatic events. It’s not hard to become a professional cuddlers but you do have to promote your skills online. Cuddlers get paid anywhere from $20-$40 per hour. Professional mourner, if you are very emotional and cry a lot, this job will be perfect for you. 

Professional mourners are not actually uncommon, if someone important has passed or if someone doesn’t have many friends or people that know them, families or colleagues will hire these professionals to participate in the ceremony to enhance the reputation of the deceased. They can make anywhere from $40-$100 per session. Face feelers, the name sounds weird, but the job is pretty straightforward, these are sensory scientists who use their hands to judge the effectiveness of skin products like lotions, facial cleansers and razors. It does require training, but these sensory workers can make up to $25 per hour feeling different faces. There are plenty of weird jobs that you can get paid for, but these are just the peak of the iceberg. 

“The tears of money.” Photo Credit: NYLON 

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