Taylor Swift: Makes the Whole World Shimmer

Staff Writer: Kaitlyn Henscheid 

 Taylor Swift opening the eras tour! Photo Credit: People.com  

The highly anticipated Era’s tour has just begun! On March 17th, Taylor swift preformed for the first time in 5 years in Glendale, AZ. Fans from everywhere came to see her opening night with an amazing turn out. The performance and visuals did not disappoint, including 16 different outfit changes throughout the concert. Her concert was also a staggering 3 hours long and she played 44 different songs including fan favorites like “Blank Space”, “Shake it off”, “Bad Blood”, “Cruel Summer”, “All too Well” and more.  

Ever since November 2022, Swift fans have been going crazy trying to get tickets to one of her concerts. After overwhelming interest and support, Taylor added 17 more tour dates to play for more people. When the day came for everyone who had pre-sale to get tickets, Ticketmaster completely crashed leaving every fan panicking for a chance to get a ticket. While the Ticketmaster fiasco caused a lot of strife the whole thing was sorted out and people who had pre-sale got their tickets. However, because of the overwhelming amount of people with pre-sale, all the general admission tickets were sold out before people could get them. This angered many fans and even Taylor who was outraged with Ticketmaster incompetence to deal with the number of fans. Later Ticketmaster publicly apologized for the issues it had with the Taylor swift tickets and is working towards improving it for next time. 

Ever since then fans have anxiously been awaiting Taylor first performance in Glendale, AZ. The Town mayor Jerry Weier had even declared on March 13th that the city of Glendale was temporarily changing its name to Swift city in honor of Taylor’s first performance there. Fans from all over came to opening night in Glendale. In fact, Taylor played in the same stadium that this year’s super bowl was played at, and more people showed up to her opening night show than there was at the Superbowl.  

Taylor during the eras tour during her Reputation songs. Photo credit: People.com 

Her performance was spectacular, from the songs to the visuals Taylor stunned the crowd. One of the more unexpected things that happened at the concert was Taylor’s Mermaid dive into the stage. After Taylor’s slower section of the concert, she did a nosedive into a hole under the stage. This created an amazing visual transition as they set up for the Midnight’s sections of the show. This has stunned fans everywhere and her dolphin dive has gone viral. In addition to this Taylor has used all her stages featuring moving platforms during her songs from her Reputation album and a massive house back drop representing each of her albums.  

Taylors concert was spectacular featuring songs however many fans were disappointed that Taylor excluded some songs out of her set list. While it is almost impossible for Taylor to play more than 44 fans like Ariana Maniatis Says, “I think it would be really fun if she could play ‘Haunted’ or ‘Should’ve Said No’ because both of those songs would be fun to scream at the concert.”  Another student Mia Terrado says, “I really hope she plays, ‘The Way I Loved You (Taylors Version)’ at the concert.” While Taylor has been slightly changing her set list where she played, “Mirrorball” and “Tim Mcgraw” at her concert in Arlington, TX there is a chance that some of these songs could be played. 

So far Taylor’s first performances have been amazing and April 28-30th she will be playing in Atlanta. Everyone’s so excited to see her live and can’t wait to see what she does after this.  

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