Surviving High School

Staff Writer: J’ai Ewing One frequently asked question I get from freshman is how to safely and conveniently walk through the halls. “So, if I ask how to walk down the halls safety for your article I’ll get $20?”- Caden MacCallum, student, freshman. “What does the “J” in J Mark Smith stand for?” Brannen Hadley, student, senior. “Wait we have […]

How to Keep Up With Several Different Series

Section editor: Hannah Suh  Lately, there have been so many amazing television shows coming out. People have been talking about the Vampire Diaries, This Is Us, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, etc. All of these shows seem amazing, but there are only so many hours in the day to watch them. […]

How to Plan Over Break

Section editor: Hannah Suh   Break is finally here, and everyone is making last minute plans. Secret santa parties, sleepovers, and even practicing for sports. Christmas break is probably the busiest of them all, but people still try to find a way to make it busier. Family plans overlap with plans with friends and in […]

I’ll Do my Homework Tomorrow

Section editor: Hannah Suh Every Sunday night after break, students face their biggest fear. They have to face the loads of homework in which they have held off until then. There are the math worksheets, 500 page books, science projects, and any other homework you can think of. As all of it piles on your […]

How to Keep Your Political Views to Yourself

Section editor: Hannah Suh Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights that humans have. People can use that right to protest against wrong doings, make their own life decisions, and to stand up for others. There is not necessarily a limit on people’s freedom of speech, but I believe that people should […]

Advice from Kylee

Staff Writer: Kylee Jones Well there is one thing you must know, and that is how I’ve felt for a really long time now. I am SHY! It’s like I can’t have a normal conversation or get close to someone. I feel like a loner, and the friends I do have, it’s always me trying […]

How to survive Mondays

Hannah Suh Mondays are the worst out of the days of the week. School starts back on Mondays, which means waking up early, getting homework, turning in homework that you stayed up late doing, and being tired. It seems like nothing can make Mondays appear worst, but there are so many things that can make […]


Staff writer: Hannah Suh  Life is a series of chain reactions. Every decision that is made leads to a consequence which could be either satisfactory or unfavorable. In high school you have four whole years to make a decision on what kind of path you want to act towards. Four years seems like a lot […]

Steps to Becoming a Tolerable Freshman

Staff Writer: Daniela Salame Going into freshman year is so tough, trust me, I know. From getting lost in the hallways to powering through rude comments from older students, it’s not a walk in the park… it’s more like a walk through the 700 and 200 intersection in between periods. Being a freshman last year […]

AP Exam Prep: Almost As Stressful as the Test

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson As an AP student, no one tells you, “Hey, eating a good breakfast isn’t the only thing that will help you get through the grueling, painstaking testing ahead of you.” Therefore, I decided to assign the task of being an AP exam guardian angel to myself. Below are a few things […]