Advice on Winter Weather Driving

Staff Writer: John Mack With the increased “threat” of wintery weather, it is time for a little trip to driving school because most people in Atlanta do not know how to drive in the snow. The snowpocalypse of 2014 infamously proved this as people simply did not know how to drive in the snow and […]

Holiday Helper: Gift Ideas

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson As the holiday season quickly approaches, the conundrum most people face is gift ideas. It is nearly impossible to be creative every year with gift ideas, but this holiday The Wolverine Times is here to help. Below is a list of creative gift ideas and where to get them for the […]

Fighting the Flu in 2015

Staff Writer: Claudia Miklosik How is it already October, Wolverine Nation? It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling for school supplies and getting schedule changes. These nuisances have been replaced by (mostly) fun fall activities like bonfires and haunted houses, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Additionally, there is one not-so-fun thing that strolls in […]

Cleaning Up Hygiene Habits

Staff writer: Claudia Miklosik Seniors celebrated their second spirit day of the year on Sept. 16. The theme was “Dress like a Middle Schooler”. Most of the awkward trends made their temporary comeback: Capri lengths as cringe-worthy as puberty itself, kendamas and phitens decorating the necks of boys, among a few. Graphic tees which have […]

New Student Advice

Are you new to your school? You are most likely feeling overwhelmed, lost, and alone. Try these five simple pieces of advice… #1: RELAX. Change can be frightening but don’t let it take over your life and your happiness. #2: Do not push yourself into a shell. I know everyone around is you a stranger […]

Thoughts to Get You through the Day

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill “Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow might not be the best day of your entire life. You just have to wake up and get there.” – Pete Wents “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I […]

So long, farewell, adieu adieu adieu

Casey H. Managing Editor With mere days before they graduate, the seniors of Woodstock High School have begun to reminisce about their past years and all that they have learned. High school is a journey, one where many lessons need to be learned. Some funny, some important, the seniors of 2015 have imparted their wisdom […]

Austin B. Senior Managing Editor Dear Austin: I’m constantly in the shadow of my sibling at school. How can I make my own name? Dear Shadowed Shawn: Most younger siblings spend at least some time in their older sibling’s shadow, whether it be a positive or negative one. The best way to get out of […]

Ask Austin: The senior who tells it like it is

Austin B. Senior Managing Editor Valentine’s Day Dilemmas “Dear Austin: I have no idea what to get my significant other for Valentine’s Day; any ideas?” Dear Troubled Tyler: Valentine’s Day is a very difficult holiday for boyfriends/girlfriends and husbands/wives. However, there are some simple solutions to the ever-present problem of finding the perfect gift for […]

Ask Austin: The senior who tells it like it is

Austin B. Managing Senior Editor School Struggles “Dear Austin: With the semester coming to an end, I need to get my grades up; what should I do? Dear Procrastinating Paul: The best advice I can give to you is to not procrastinate. School can be extremely stressful due to the immense amount of work teachers […]