HOCO WEEK 2017!!!!

Staff Writer: Alonna Wood It’s homecoming week at Woodstock High School, a week were students dress up each day according to the theme. Thursday’s theme was “character day” where as students dressed up as their favorite character which could be either a role model to them, someone from a favorite television show or movie, or someone who […]

Bringing out the Spirit Wear

Section writer: Hannah Suh In honor of homecoming on Oct. 14, Woodstock High School has spent this whole school week sharing our school spirit. The week consisted of jersey day on Monday, twin day on Tuesday, spirit day on Wednesday, character day on Thursday, and 50’s day on Friday. People all around the school, teachers […]

The Battle of Towne Lake Starts with Hate Week

Woodstock vs Etowah Rivalry  Woodstock High School and Etowah High school are about 1.8 miles away from each other in Towne Lake and the biggest rivals in Cherokee County. Since the beginning of both schools, the students have put tension between the them by talking down on the school, creating reasons to fight, and saying “We rule this Towne!” Competition to win isn’t always […]

Marching Through the Field

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh   The Color Guard and Marching Band Program at Woodstock High School has expanded rapidly year after year. Each year they bring different, exciting shows to the table. If you have not already seen their amazing performances, you can catch them on Friday game days where they perform either during halftime […]

Woodstock Sending off the Smiles of Woodstock Special Olympics

Staff Writer: Isabella Boatwright What is the Special Olympics?  The Special Olympics is a time where the different kind of perfect kids get to show off their talents! The athletes get to compete in series of events and other fun activities. This is an event for students, teachers, and parents to come together and put the kids […]

Blocking Out the Sun 

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh On Aug. 8 2017, Georgia, along with over 12 other states around the world, experienced its first total solar eclipse since 1979. Many people around the United States got to watch for the first time. I know that it was the first for many, if not all, of the students in Woodstock High School. In order to […]

Interested in joining drama?

    Staff Writer: Jordan Van Dyke Do you have an interest in joining the drama club? Or, even curious about what type of things you could be doing and learning if you joined? If so, I have all of the information you need to decide! I connected with drama director, Ms. LaRicci, over email […]