Falling in Love with Love/Sick

Section writer: Hannah Suh The phenomenal cast and crew of our very own Drama Club spent roughly two months preparing for Love/Sick, a play presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc, New York. Nov. 8-10, these lovely students brought Love/Sick to life through their brilliant acting and settings. If you were not able […]

Why join Winter Guard?

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez Winter Guard is an extension of the marching band season. Winter Guard is a new show utilizing almost any music of choice performed on a tarp in a basketball gym or arena. Winter Guard performs with flags, rifles, sabers, and other props, as well as executing dance movements to visually interpret […]

A Day Dedicated to Fun!

Section writer: Hannah Suh Once a year Woodstock High School holds a event for a very amazing group of students. These students work hard everyday, and to kick off the new year, teachers and student helpers come together to organize this special event. Held at River Ridge High School, Woodstock’s Special Olympics take place! On […]

Finding Your Pathway

Section writer: Hannah Suh   Once one steps foot in high school, they are pressing start on the path to their futures. What one does in school now affects their future. Colleges begin to look at grades and this can be a lot of pressure for young teens. Along with the pressure of trying to […]

Is Marching Band a Sport?

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez  Many people have always argued on whether marching band is a sport or not. People on both sides of the argument feel passionately about their choice. So, to be as fair as possible you must first look at the definitions of a marching band and a sport.  Marching band is a […]

Serving the Community: One Can at a Time

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh   Everyday we wake up knowing that we are going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner sometime throughout the variation of the day. Occasionally, we even know what we are going to have for these meals. It is just a natural everyday routine that we have accumulated and do without thinking […]

Ms. Prom Queen

Section writer: Hannah Suh Reesa Winters is a Woodstock High School senior this year who has been a great role model to me and many other people. I first met her through lacrosse, and from last year to this year, I was able to see her as a great leader and just overall person. I […]