A New Opportunity

Staff Writer: Emme Ganster From a small farming community in South Dakota to Friday night lights in Atlanta, Coach Hoff’s life has been a journey fueled by his passion for life and for the game of football. Last spring, this journey led Hoff to accept a position as Woodstock High School’s new football coach. Troy Hoff […]

Woodstock is here to help

Staff Writer: Abbey Skouras   Due to the Covid-19 pandemic people across the U.S. had to quarantine and disconnect from work, friends, sports, and social gatherings, with such a big disconnect depression and anxiety starts to linger.   With this pandemic we are out of place and our entire routine has been thrown off, causing depression rates to be higher than we have seen in years.  A study done by the CDC reported, “To assess mental health, substance use, […]

The Diversity Club: A New Chapter of Woodstock High School

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen Woodstock High School has added several new after school programs for students in recent years, all with unique and interesting missions, but one this year stands out: The Diversity Club. The idea was hatched at the beginning of this school year,after revolutionary conversations and thoughts were shared over the summer about diversity at Woodstock; and the world as a whole.  The creation of the club was a group effort of teachers, and now club […]

Woodstock High School’s Band Program: How They’re Dealing with Online Learning

Staff Writer: Connor McPhillips As of the beginning of August, Woodstock High School of Cherokee county signed up for the 2020-2021 school year. However, halfway through the month of August, Woodstock once again had to shut its doors due to the infamous COVID-19. School continued, though, as an online learning routine for the following two […]

Our New “Classrooms”

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy This year started off with what we thought would only be a few changes, but after about a week and a half there was one Jurassic change. Everyone had to switch to online school. We did this for the last three months of school and we basically had to teach ourselves […]

What Do Students Struggle with During Digital or Hybrid Learning?

Staff Writer: Amie Wyatt As the 2020-2021 school year begins, schools are already shutting down due to COVID-19 related issues. Some students didn’t even get to start their school year in actual classrooms. Education has changed dramatically. As of now, digital learning from home is very common in schools across the United States, and even […]

How Seniors of WHS Feel About New Hybrid Schedule

Staff Writer: Talia Fleisig Ever since March 13, 2020, the class of 2021 have been thrown some major curveballs. Spring break turned into a five-month staycation. When August came around, I think everyone was ready to be back at school even if it meant it was only for a short time; but not as short […]

Earth Benefiting from Corona Virus

Staff Writer: Calvin Tressler  Ever since the discovery and spread of covid-19 our world has changed drastically. Traveling was shut down along with restaurants, bars, sporting events. We were ordered to quarantine. Too many it was hell on Earth and very frightening, but behind the scenes while people were urged to stay at home, our air and water became […]

Impact of digital learning vs. F2F

Staff Writer: Katelyn Frasure Covid-19 has made a tremendous impact on student’s lifestyles in Woodstock highschool and all over the United States. Due to the spread of covid-19, students havebeen required to switch to online school learning for two weeks. Online school andface-to-face learning has many differences. In online school, students have toattend class through […]

Impact of Digital Learning vs. F2F

Staff Writer: Katelyn Frasure Covid-19 has made a tremendous impact on student’s lifestyles in WHS and all over the United States. Due to the spread of Covid-19, students have been required to switch to digital base learning for two weeks. Online school and face-to-face learning has many differences. In online school, students have to attend […]