Gathering all Thespians

Section writer: Hannah Suh Hundreds of thespians all around Georgia traveled across town to be a part of one big convention: Thescon. Thescon is a conference that brings together many of the students from the Drama program from high schools all over Georgia, allowing them to watch one another perform, take part in workshops led […]

The Orchestra at WHS

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez   Jazlyn Saucedo, sophomore, says. “I’ve been in Orchestra for five years and I play the violin. I joined Orchestra because it’s a fun activity to get away from school work and relax. My favorite part about it is playing at concerts and going to LGPE, which is Large Group Performance Evaluation.   LGPE […]

It’s Just Choosing Your Future, No Pressure!

Section Writer: Hannah Suh It is that time of the year again! Time to start thinking about next year before this semester has even started. Time to start asking all of the upperclassmen which class is better on college applications or which ones are easiest. Time to start meeting with counselors, planning out schedules and […]

Giving Children Hope

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron Throughout Woodstock High School, there are so many different clubs and opportunities for students to get involved with their community and be a part of something bigger than just themselves. One of the newest clubs, Giving Children Hope (GCH) was founded in 2017 by senior Katherine Relick, and this club is […]

The Infamous Senior Project

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron There is an overwhelming amount of anticipation that comes with the start of senior year… graduation, college, moving out, dorm decorating. However, there is one dreaded obstacle that stands between a senior and graduation: Senior Project. Designed to capture the last 13 years of knowledge and skills, students are tasked with […]

Pennies for Presents

Section Writer: Hannah Suh Christmas time is about spending time with family, eating good food, celebrating religions, and finally, presents! What feels better than receiving presents? Giving them! There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a loved one’s face when they open the present that you hand picked, thinking of them and them […]

More Than Just Another Club

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron Woodstock High School’s student body of over 2,000 students holds home to a plethora of clubs and organizations that are service-based. One of these many clubs is the National Honor Society (NHS). NHS places a high standard on academic achievement, character and service. Through freshman and sophomore year, the grades of […]

What is Elves Club

Staff writer: Selene Gomez The Woodstock High School Elves Club is a club that raises money each year to take elementary school students Christmas shopping and throw a holiday party for them in December.     They raise money for students that are in Woodstock Elementary and Caramel Elementary and buy them clothes and gifts for the holidays. Every year after shopping the Elves […]

Falling in Love with Love/Sick

Section writer: Hannah Suh The phenomenal cast and crew of our very own Drama Club spent roughly two months preparing for Love/Sick, a play presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc, New York. Nov. 8-10, these lovely students brought Love/Sick to life through their brilliant acting and settings. If you were not able […]

Why join Winter Guard?

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez Winter Guard is an extension of the marching band season. Winter Guard is a new show utilizing almost any music of choice performed on a tarp in a basketball gym or arena. Winter Guard performs with flags, rifles, sabers, and other props, as well as executing dance movements to visually interpret […]